Month: March 2019

Skoll and Hati: Devourers of Sun and Moon in Norse myth

Hati and Skoll in Norse mythology

When Ragnarok broke the sky and made Yggdrasil tremble, the Doomsday finally came in Norse mythology. The whole cosmos fell in darkness because the Sun and the Moon disappeared on the sky. It was Skoll and Hati who swallowed these shining stars. Who were Skoll and Hati? Skoll and Hati were two wolves that played …

Viking Weregild: When Money Could Settle Dispute

Viking fight

In the Viking Age, there was a thing known as Viking Weregild. It refers to an amount of money that the murderer paid for the victim’s family. And done, the dispute was settled. “Weregild” was a compound word: “were” meaning man and “gild” meaning “gold”. The word means “price of man”. The payment of the …

Viking Stones: Andre Image Stones Explained

Viking Andre Image Stones Explained

Andre Image Stones were the collection of Viking images and runes. The stones dated back to around 8th century or 10th century. The Andre stones used to be materials to construct buildings in the past. Until the archaeologists found out how valuable the stones were, they started to protect the Andre Image Stones. This Andre …