Month: April 2019

Viking Couple Amulet: What Does It Depict?

Viking couple amulet

In 2016, the archaeologists discovered a small piece of amulet made of gold on the Aker farm to the East of Norway. The truth is, this is merely one of thousand pieces found across Scandinavia. It is the Viking couple amulet. Roughly 3,000 pieces have been found in Scandinavia. After studying, the archaeologists believed that …

God Bragi: Son of Odin, God of Music and Poem

God Bragi was the god of music and poem in Norse mythology

Bragi was quite a strange name for many people. Yet, he was a part of Norse Pantheon. In Norse mythology, god Bragi was the god of Music and Poem. Bragi was the son of Odin and Gunnlod the guardian of the Mead of Poetry. Mythology had it that as Odin met Gunnlod in the cave …

Who Was Viking-Christian King Harald Bluetooth?

King Harald Bluetooth was killed by his son

Debates are all around whenever it comes to why the Vikings chose to convert themselves into Christian. Many factors contributed to this event such as economics or politics. Seemingly, the kings and people from royalty were the first to get baptized. One of the famous names includes King Harald Bluetooth. The life of Harald Bluetooth …