Month: May 2019

Six Great Viking Kings That You Should Know (Part 1)

Ivar the Boneless was a son of Ragnar Lothbrok great Viking hero. He later founded the Viking Great Heathen Army that sought revenge for the deceased Ragnar Lothbrok

Although the kingship only existed in later time, many Viking kings made their names with great achievement which lasts until now. In this blog post, we are to discuss the first three out of six Viking kings that you should know whether you are a Viking enthusiast or not. Ragnar Lothbrok If you have done …

Sleipnir Horse of Odin: Why It Had to be A Horse?

Odin the Allfather on his Sleipnir the horse

In the previous blog post, we have discussed why Thor had a pair of goats pulled his chariot. It was quite laughable to think about a muscular man with two goats and a chariot. But every detail in Norse mythology does have its meaning and so did the image of two goats. Odin the Allfather …

Three Viking Ships Found in Vestfold, Norway

Viking ships found in Vestfold, Norway included Gokstad ship and Oseberg ship

In the Viking Age, ship played an important part. They were not only majestic in the appearance but also powerful in the vast ocean. Long gone the Viking Age yet many of Viking ship remnants are still with us. In this blog post, we discuss three Viking ships found in Vestfold, Norway, making this place …