Norse Mythology

Skuldelev Ships: 5 Viking Ships Recovered From Water

Viking skuldelev ship

The Vikings fascinated us with their great shipbuilding skills. And the stories surrounding the Viking ships fascinated us even more. Many Viking ship excavations turned out to be the burial site. One uncommon excavation of Viking ship was that of Skuldelev Ships. Not only were there 5 ships that the archaeologists could find in the …

Viking Valknut Symbol

Image of Viking Valknut symbol

Valknut pronounced as “VAL-knoot” was one of the most sacred Viking symbols. The reason why Viking Valknut symbol was famous and respected was mainly attributed to its direct link with Odin the Allfather. This Valknut symbol was one of the mightiest Odin’s symbols. Viking Valknut Symbol of Death The symbol of Valknut consisted of three interlocking triangles that pointed upwards. This symbol appeared in many runestones and depictions …

Viking Wolf Symbol

Image of Viking Wolf Symbol

Of all the animals, wolves have been suffering the most controversies. Most of the times, the illustration of wolves is often the villain. However, there are times that wolves prove to be helpful. In Norse mythology, Viking wolf symbol presented both the negative and positive sides. The most famous wolf in Norse mythology and Viking belief was Fenrir the God of Destruction. Fenrir – Viking Wolf Symbol Fenrir was …