Norse Mythology

Norse Gods War

Image of Norse Gods War by Milivoj Ceran

In Norse mythology, there were two main tribes of Gods: the Aesir and the Vanir. We mainly knew about these two tribes aiding each other in combat during the event of Ragnarok. However, there was a time when these two tribes were in conflict. In this “Norse Gods War” writing, we are going to figure out what was the reason for the Aesir and Vanir war as well as their solution to establish …


Image of giantess Angrboda

There were some influential women characters in Norse mythology, such as Frigg, Freya, or Hel. There was, however, one women character occupying a very important part, though the myth did not describe her vividly. She was the giantess Angrboda.   Who was Angrboda? Angrboda was a giantess with reddish hair and muscular. Her hair had the color of the …


Image of Ragnarok Doom Days

What was Ragnarok? Ragnarok or the Doom of Gods was a series of disastrous events prophesied in Norse myth. It included the deaths of many Gods, the dark days of the whole cosmos, and many other natural disasters. People interpret the word “Ragnarok” as the “final destiny of the Gods” Dark and haunting dreams and prophecies had illustrated the …