Viking Life

Top 10 Viking Lifestyles that will change your life (Part 1)

Image of Viking lifestyles Viking warriors

Bearded men with axes traveling around the world and claiming the life of others? I think the most important part of the Viking spirit has been missed by you. The Vikings are not merely the brutal warriors. Though Viking warriors did raid, the majority of the Vikings were ordinary farmers. Life of the Vikings is what worth saying in this blog post. Carry on reading to find out top 10 Viking …

Viking Children

Image of Viking children

We have been writing and reading quite a lot about the Viking life such as Viking social structure, Viking women life, or Viking axe. But there is one thing that we haven’t mentioned before on our site, that is about the Viking children. Have you ever wondered what kind of childhood you would receive if you were a Viking child? Or how the Vikings raised their children to become so …

Web of Wyrd

Image for Web of Wyrd Viking symbols

The fountain of Viking symbols always seems to be a wonderful source of both power and inspiration. Among those symbols, the Web of Wyrd was the listed as one of the most awesome and mysterious ones. The meaning and power of Web of Wyrd were worth discussing. In this blog post, we are going to discover one of the most important Viking symbols: the Web of Wyrd. The Web of Wyrd symbol was very powerful In Norse mythology and Viking belief, …