Cats of Freya: Why It Had To Be Cats?

Cats of Freya

In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of war, love, and sex. She was among the most beautiful women in the cosmos that everyone in the cosmos desired her as their bride. Norse mythology had it that Freya rode on a chariot pulled by two cats. Many doubted the cats of Freya and wondered why it had to be cats.

In Gylfaginning of Prose Edda, Snorri Sturlusson once mentioned:

Sessrumir, her hall, is large and beautiful. And when she travels, she drives two cats and sits in a chariot.

Faulkes: 24

It seemed like Norse gods had quite unusual choice when it came to their travelling companion. For example, the favorite steed of Odin was Sleipnir an eight-legged horse, Freyr brother of Freya god of summer and fertility rode on a golden boar, or Thor rode a chariot pulled by two goats. And now Freya had two cats pull her chariot.

Freyr and Freya in Norse mythology
Freyr and Freya in Norse mythology


Cats have always been a symbol of mystery and unpredictability in deed and thought. A cat’s look is somewhat scary if it appears in the middle of the night because no one knows what will happen very soon.

In Norse mythology, Freya was a volva “who could see things that others couldn’t”. Freya practised seidr that helped her to see the future of all beings. Mystery always surrounded the words of a volva because people only realized her prophecy when mystery became reality.


Cats symbolised femininity in every step they took. They walked in silence and they would make no sound. Somehow a cat also reminded us of the gentleness, empathy, and humility.

Freya coincidentally was among the most feminine goddess in Norse mythology. She was not only beautiful but also tender. Freya was a Norse definition of femininity. Yet, this kind of femininity was somewhat associated with sex and lust.


Cat was a kind of “walk-alone” creature. Yet a cat could also manage their social relationships very well. This trait was vividly portrayed in Freya. She was a kind of a strong woman, a model of shieldmaiden. Because Freya was also a goddess of war. She could fight alone but she would be more powerful when with her men.

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