Image of Freya Goddess of War and Love

Who was Freya War Goddess?

Freya was a Vanir goddess who then came to the Asgard to dwell. She was the goddess of beauty and love. She was the daughter of Njodir a Vanir god and the sister of Freyr. Freya and Freyr were Vanir god twins who were believed to rule the Vanaheim the land of Vanir gods. Like many Vanir gods, Freya had the talent for witchcraft, which she instructed the Asgard gods after she came to Asgard to live. She was also known as Freya War Goddess.

Image of Vanir twin gods Freyr and Freya War Goddess
Freya and Freyr

Freya was married to the Od whose name meant “roamer”. Her husband was a mysterious character who then disappeared. Freya wandered the whole Earth to look for her husband. She cried and her tears became the unique pure gold. Freya and Od had a daughter named Hnossa meaning “jewel”. Actually, Freya had a strong craving for jewelry and other fine materials. She often made use of her beauty to get the jewelry that she desired.

Image of Freya War Goddess
Freya Goddess of Love

As the queen of Vanir god and the god of beauty, Freya was excessively beautiful and many fell in love with her, not just humans but the giants and dwarves as well.

Freya Warrior Spirit

Freya was a warrior goddess and she shared Odin’s love of battle. She and Odin divided the chosen slain human heroes so that some of them would come to Valhalla to live with Odin and some would go to Sessrumnir “the field of the host” – the hall of Freya. Freya War Goddess was a master of the Battle Boar whose name was Hildisvini. Her boar became the symbol of war.

Apart from the boar, people believed that Freya got itchy feet that she always wanted to travel in her chariot pulled by black or grey cats. She was also in possession of a falcon feather which she used to fly across. This falcon feather once appeared in the rescue of the kidnapped Idun the god guarding the apples of youth.

Image of Freya War Goddess and her chariot pulled by cats
Freya and her cats