Image of Frigg Norse Goddess spinning the clouds

Apart from Odin the Allfather, the only goddess that was permitted to sit on the high seat Hlidskjalf of Odin in Asgard was Frigg Norse Goddess – The Earth Mother.

The image of Odin and Frigg Norse Goddess observing the world
Odin and Frigg observing world


Image of Odin hugging Frigg Norse Goddess
Odin and Frigg


Up in the Hlidskjalf, they would observe the whole world. Frigg was the wife of Odin and the mother of Balder and Hod. She was regarded as the Mother of all and the protector of the children.  Frigg was also the goddess of the sky, the god of fertility, motherhood, love, marriage, and domestic art. Frigg also appeared in many depictions alongside Odin as an image of a strong and good wife in Norse myth.

A beautiful woman spinning the cloud or weave the destiny of other beings, Frigg most of the times appeared in Norse myth in such a way. According to some materials, Frigg Norse Goddess could see what would happen in the future but she would tell no one about it. Frigg had many maidens who accompanied her. But her most attached was Fulla. Fulla let her hair loose with a golden hair band around her head. She always served Frigg with holding her basket, tending her shoes, and keeping her secrets. Gna was another maiden of Frigg. She ran the errands for her masteress within the Nine Realms. When Frigg needed to send the message immediately, Gna would ride a horse through the wind and over the ocean to deliver it. If Frigg wanted to protect anyone or anything, she would have Hlin a minor goddess do it for her.

Image of Frigg Norse Goddess and maidens
Frigg and maidens

As mentioned, Frigg was the mother of Balder the beloved and beautiful god. Frigg had terrible dreams like Balder, which probably prophesied Balder’s death.

This dark prophecy depressed Frigg so much. So she decided to send out the messages to everywhere to extract the promise of never hurting her child. Despite her considerable caution, her son was slain as he was destined to be so.

Image of Frigg Norse Goddess and the death of Balder
Frigg cried over Balder’s death

Frigg fell to the ground on hearing the passing of her child. Though she tried her best to bring her son back, Balder could not return to life until the days of Ragnarok had passed.

Lessons from Frigg Norse Goddess

The beautiful mother love of Frigg touched every soul of any generation. Considering every precaution she took to protect her child, she was a great mother in Norse myth. Maybe that personality trait was a part of god qualities that she embodied. But after all, what she was doing and suffering proved herself worth the name of Mother of all.

Moreover, Frigg was a perfect model of a wife. She was intelligent, supportive, and caring. Perhaps only one goddess that possessed such qualities deserved a seat on Hlidskjalf alongside with Odin. And sure, that goddess must be Frigg Norse Goddess.


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