From Viking Symbols to Viking Tattoos

For long, Viking symbols are among the most mysterious in the world of symbolism. Not only do they look awesome but they also honor the great Viking warriors and their faith in Gods. By this time, Viking symbols have become not only what is drawn on the paper or clothes, they become favorite in the inked community as well. This blog post is going to give you various awesome ideas about Viking tattoos.

Mjolnir Thor Hammer

It would be such a big mistake if we don’t mention Mjolnir hammer in the list. Mjolnir hammer is the most primary weapon of Thor God of Thunder and Lightning. With the Mjolnir hammer, Thor could strike lightning and thunder or crash the skull of the enemies. In the Viking belief, Mjolnir hammer becomes the best talisman. Viking warriors wore Mjolnir pendant and joined the battles. They hoped Thor would be there and endow them with strength and courage.

Image of Viking tattoos Mjolnir hammer
Mjolnir hammer Tattoo with double dragons and the symbol of Vegvisir Viking compass in the middle

Mjolnir hammer tattoo carries the same message as the Mjolnir Pendant of the Vikings. It is the call for Thor’s help.

Ravens Odin’s symbol

The big figure whose reputation can rival Thor God of Lightning must be Odin who fathered Thor. Odin is the Viking Supreme God though in this day and age Thor has become more popular. The Vikings believed that as long as they died honorably in their battle, they could enter Valhalla Odin’s hall and feast with gods. Ravens that presented Odin’s mind and thought, accordingly, become a holy symbol. It presented Odin and his presence. Whenever ravens are, Odin is there.

Image of Viking tattoos Viking ravens Odin symbols
Raven tattoo with the symbol of Viking compass Vegvisir

Aegishjalmur the Helm of Awe

Aegishjalmur is among the most meaningful symbols in Viking belief. The symbol consists of eight spikes radiating out the protecting the central point. It demonstrates the meaning of the symbol: the protection.

The Helm of Awe

I wore before the sons of men

In defense of my treasure;

Amongst all, I alone was strong,

I thought to myself,

For I found no power a match for my own

Image of Viking tattoos Helm of Awe tattoo
Aesgishjalmur one of the most beautiful Viking tattoos

Vegvisir the Viking Compass

For the Viking voyagers to travel across the ocean, skills are not enough. They need luck and the protection from the Higher Power. Vegvisir is the symbol that can provide them with the direction and protection during their voyage. In the modern sense, Vegvisir tattoo means a good guide for you towards to better destination. It helps you to find the way and not get lost in the mess of life.

Image of Vegvisir tattoo
Viking tattoo with Vegvisir Viking compass and ravens
Image of Vegvisir tattoo on the back Viking tattoos
Vegvisir tattoo on the back

Valknut Viking Tattoos for The Brave

Valknut is also among the famous Odin’s symbols. There is historical evidence of Valknut symbol appearing as the symbol of Odin. It is the call from Valhalla. Wherever the symbol appears, it means Odin has chosen them to join Odin’s army. It means Odin is waiting for them in the feasting table up in Valhalla.

Image of Valknut tattoo
Valknut tattoo

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