Gullinbursti Boar: Why It Had To Be A Boar?

Gullinbursti boar of Freyr

In the previous blog posts, we have discussed the reasons for Sleipnir horse of Odin and goats of Thor. Every detail had had its meaning and that’s why the creator of Norse mythology chose those great companions for the gods. In this blog post, we are trying to answer why it had to be the Gullinbursti boar of god Freyr.

Who was god Freyr in Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, god Freyr came from the Vanir god tribe and he was the son of Njord Vanir chief god. As Odin was the chief god of the Aesir god tribe, Njord ruled over the Vanir gods. And that made Freyr the prince of Vanir god tribe.

Freyr was the god of sunshine, summer, rain, and fertility. For all the qualities that he embodied, the historians believed that Freyr was one of the most important gods in the Viking Age. However, the later version of mythology only revolved around the Aesir god tribe.

God Freyr God of fertility, summer, rain, and sunshine
Freyr God of fertility, summer, rain, and sunshine

Freyr had a magical sword that could fight automatically. But he traded his magical sword for the hand of his beloved wife and in the battle of Ragnarok, Freyr fought against Surtr with an antler.

Another companion of god Freyr was the Gullinbursti the Golden Boar

How did Freyr get the Gullinbursti boar?

Loki once had to travel to Svartalfheim to ask the dwarves to make the beautiful hair for Sif Bride of Thor. After he had gained many treasures from the dwarves, he still stayed. Loki came to a dwarf family and insulted them by saying that they could produce no valuable objects. Loki even bet his head for this.

In their rage, the dwarves created the most excellent treasures ever. And one of them was the Gullinbursti boar.

The making of Gullinbursti boar of Freyr in Norse mythology
The making of Gullinbursti boar of Freyr in Norse mythology

Gullinbursti Boar and Why A Boar?

Gullinbursti was a golden boar as its name “Gullinbursti” meant “Gold Mane”. The dwarves threw the pig’s skin into the cauldron that made the boar. The bristle of Gullinbursti boar shone brightly in the middle of the night and it guided God Freyr in the darkness.

“… To Freyr he gave the boar, saying that it could run through air and water better than any horse, and it could never become so dark with night that there should not be sufficient light where he went, such was the glow from its mane and bristles…”

Boar often reminds us of something wild and uncontrollable things. And the Vanir god tribe was often associated with the nature and wildness. Also, boar was also the symbol of fertility and protection all of the qualities that Freyr embodied.

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