Gungnir – Odin’s Spear

Image of Odin the Allfather Gungnir Spear

The tribe of Aesir gods was famous for their weapons and great skills to use such weapons meanwhile the Vanir tribe was known for their magic. Indeed, each Aesir god possessed themselves a type of weapons that helped to defend themselves. The ruler of Asgard, Odin the Father of All, owned a very powerful weapon. Odin’s primary weapon was Gungnir spear which was no ordinary weapon.

In many depictions these days, Odin was holding the Gungnir spear alongside with his pair of ravens and his Sleipnir horse.

The Origin of Gungnir Spear

Gungnir was given to Odin by Loki. Actually, Loki was the one that brought the Gungnir spear to Asgard to gift to Odin the Allfather. When Loki traveled to the land of Svartalfheim. There he asked the dwarves to create Gungnir spear. The decoration of Gungnir spear might be the magical runes. Not only did this way enhance the beauty of the Gungnir spear but it also added to the Gungnir spear the feeling of being sacred.

Image of Odin the Allfather and Gungnir spear
 Odin the Allfather

Gungnir Spear was Mighty

During the war, Odin used to throw the spear toward his enemies to start his battles. He both threw the spear and yelled “Odin Own You All”. This gesture gradually became the symbol of the Viking warriors. Because the Viking warriors worshipped Odin the most; thereby, Odin throwing his spear into the enemies became a powerful signal. And the Vikings believed that as long as they threw their spear into their enemies, they were just calling for Odin and his help in their battles. Odin once was stabbed by his own spear. Well actually, that was the sacrifice of Odin to get the ability to read runes – the most magical alphabet in the cosmos. He both hang himself on the Yggdrasil tree and stabbed himself in the chest. Nine days without food and drink, nine days of being wounded.

The power of Gungnir the Spear was undoubted, which was as mighty as the Mjolnir hammer of Thor. Legend had it that once Odin hurled his spear, it never missed the target. Additionally, it would return back to Odin at last.

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