Inspiring Viking Quotes to Make A Quick Getaway

Inspiring Viking quotes

Daily inspiring quotes are spices to our lives. Viking quotes are not merely speakings of the savage warriors. They are the legacy of the experienced men who fought until their last breath along with their brothers. Viking quotes were the results of years on the ocean and away from home. The life experience of the Vikings is now condensed in some few words. Hope these inspiring Viking quotes will help you with a quick getaway in life.

When men meet foes in fight, better is stout heart than sharp sword

Whatever difficulties you might encounter in life, remember not to lose your head. It would be great to have a sharp sword in battle. But it would be far greater to have a stout heart.

Not every cloud which darkens the day brings rain

Don’t let a bad chapter make you feel you are going to have a bad ending. A bad day does not mean a bad life.

The lame can ride horse, the handless drive cattle,
the deaf one can fight and prevail,
’tis happier for the blind than for him on the bale-fire,
but no man hath care for a corpse.

This quote is from the Havamal the Saying of the High One. This stanza means treasure your life. We should be grateful for every breath. The lame can ride a horse. The handless can, too. The deaf can fight and the so can the blind. But nobody will care for the dead. In Viking Saga, there was a Viking military genius born with physical disability. He was Ivar the Boneless who was allegedly son of Ragnar and later became King of Dublin.

So if you are having a very bad day in your life, bear in mind that every second of our life is a treasure. Hiding cannot solve anything. Death is what you might choose but funeral is for your beloved ones.

Gold is little comfort for the kinsman dead.

Money is not everything. It is true that money makes us happy in life. But bear in mind that money attracts the worst and corrupts the best.

One should not ask more than would be thought fitting.

Don’t ask too much for something. This feeling of greed just kicks you away from the horizon of happiness in life. Life is complete if you know what is enough

He’s a wise man who knows himself.

It’s you who unleash your hidden potential. It’s not your parents, not your fellows, or your haters. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Reflect and revalue yourself every day. You know yourself better than you think.

Slow and sure.

Good things take time. We all know that time waits for none. But rushing won’t make it happen faster. The Norns have written the fate of everything. Things will happen in the right moment then.

Many are wise after the event.

Failure is a test from life. It gives you two options: to quit or to get back up. The latter is the right answer. Learning from the mistakes in the past becomes your own source of experience. Moreover, it marks an important event that is you have faced the bad version of yourself in the past. By facing the worse self, you learn.

The fool is busy in everyone’s business but his own.

Spend your time on the problem that you should spend. Don’t poke nose at other’s business when you are not welcome or needed.

Better it is to have a lower position in life and be free than to have a position of power only to be subject to the will of another.

There is a clear difference between people who are rich and who have money. Money is just among the goals of your life.

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