Midgard – Land of Humans

Midgard Human land

Of all the Nine Realms in Norse mythology, there was only one visible world to the normal eyes. Midgard was the name of that place. The people who dwelled in the land of Midgard Human land were just the normal human with flesh and blood. However, this place was of importance in Norse myth because only the normal people living in Midgard resembled us today.

What made Midgard?

In Old Norse myth, Midgard was one of Nine realms in the cosmos – the only one world that was visible to humankind. Midgard was the home of human so we could imagine Midgard as the Earth in the modern sense. This world of humanity was made of the body of giant Ymir who was killed by Gods.

Ymir the first Giant whose body formed Midgard human land
Ymir the first Giant

According to the myth, Ymir’s body was taken to the void of the cosmos and began to form Midgard. His flesh created the land, his blood made the ocean, his bones constructed the mountains, his teeth shaped the cliffs, and his hair formed the trees. And there came Midgard Human land.

Midgard Interpretation

We can interpret the word “Midgard” with two meanings.

Jormungandr encircled Midgard human land
Yggdrasil, Bifrost, and Midgard Serpent

The very first one is that Midgard is “in the middle of” the other wild world. To be specific, the uninhabited wildness of the Giants’ home, Jotunheim, encompassed Midgard. The enormous and fierce serpent/dragon-like creature Jormungandr living in the deep ocean encircles Midgard with his tail in his mouth.

The second way to interpret “Midgard” is the Midgard position in the map of Nine Worlds. Midgard locates below Asgard, the Aesir Gods and Goddesses realm, and above the land of Niflheim. The Great Tree Yggdrasil holds Asgard in its uppermost branches, Midgard in its trunk, and Niflheim right amongst its roots. A Shining Rainbow Bridge was the one that connects Asgard the abode of Gods and Midgard the home of the human.

The composing word “gard” likewise can be interpreted in a different way. That is the –gard element in the name signifies the desire of being like “Asgard”. Not only does it refer to the life of Gods and Goddesses in Asgard but it also implies the human call for help from the deity.

Daily life in Midgard

Actually, the humans in Midgard led very normal and peaceful lives. The women’s duty included the work inside the threshold such as cooking, cleaning, washing, meanwhile, the men’s job was mainly about to do much more tiring physical work. They raised cattle and grew vegetables. Their life kept tranquilly going on and on. Their firm belief was so much related to the Gods and Goddesses who were respected and admired by the Midgard dwellers.

Life of normal people in Midgard human land
Life of normal people

Sometimes, the beautiful and shining elves may come to Midgard, falling in love with the normal people and giving birth to the half-elf half-human children. Therefore, their children looked like the human but they possessed some certain abilities like elves.

Midgard Human Land Dusk and Dawn

Midgard home of the mortals Midgard human land
Midgard home of the mortals

During the event of Ragnarok, when the gods and the giant had their great war, Midgard human land was prophesied to sink deep down below the dark ocean.

However, there come the days when Midgard would rise above the waves and the life cycle once again would begin.