Norse Gods Summary

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Norse mythology has a system of various characters ranging from Gods, elves, to dwarves, giants, human, etc. This blog post is going to provide you a vivid summary of Norse Gods.

In Norse mythology, there were two main God tribes: Aesir and Vanir. While the Aesir gods dwelled in Asgard, the Vanir gods’ place was Vanaheim. There once was a clash between two tribes of Gods. They, however, drew up a peace treaty and some Vanir gods came to live in Asgard and some Aesir to Vanaheim in return.


Odin: Asgard chief god. God of war and death. Odin welcomed fallen human warriors to his palace Valhalla. He was also the god of wisdom and a desperate seeker of wisdom. This was portrayed in Why Odin is One-Eyed and his sacrifice for the Runic meanings. Odin died in his final battle with Wolf Fenrir.

Thor: Son of Odin. God of thunder and lightning. His weapon was the Mjolnir hammer whose reputation was second to none. Not only did Thor guard Asgard but he also protected the normal people with his power. Thor could not survive Ragnarok and his children inherited the Mjolnir afterward.

Image of Odin and Thor Norse Gods
Odin and Thor

Baldur: Son of Odin and Frigg. God of light and fairness. Still, the Baldur Death was inescapable which was the first sign of Ragnarok. The culprit of Baldur  Death was Loki who made use of the blind god Hodr. He and his twin brother Hodr came back to life after Ragnarok.

Tyr: God of war and sky. The lawgiver of the Aesir gods. In Norse myth, Tyr must have been the bravest god as he was the only one that dared to approach and feed Fenrir. Tyr sacrificed his hand in the Binding Wolf Fenrir.

Vidar: Son of Odin. God of silence, forest, and revenge. Vidar usually remained silent in his own garden. However, Odin’s death was the last straw that ignited his wrath. He took revenge on Fenrir. Yes, Vidar was the Fenrir slayer and survived Ragnarok.

Heimdall: Son of Odin and Nine Maidens. The watchman of Asgard. Heimdall was the guardian of the Bifrost bridge. During the event of Ragnarok, Heimdall encountered his mortal enemy – Garm the Hound. They slew each other in the battle.

Bragi: Son of Odin. God of music and poetry and the husband of Idun.

Forseti: Son of Baldur and Nanna. The Law Speaker in Norse Mythology.

Hermod: Son of Odin. Hermod was the only brave God that volunteer to come to Hel and try to bring Baldur back from the dead.


Frigg: The chief Asgard goddess. Frigg was the wife of Odin and the mother of Baldur. She was the god of love, marriage, and motherhood. She wove the clouds and the destiny as well. Though she could see the future, she would tell it to none. Moreover, Frigg was known for her great mother love for her son Baldur. And because of this, the Baldur Death left Frigg broken with the desperate hope of resurrecting Baldur.

Idun: Guardian of Youth Apple. The most famous story of Idun was her kidnap and rescue. Without Idun and her magical apples, the Aesir gods could not keep their beauty and youth. 

Sif: Wife of Thor. Loki once cut off Sif’s beautiful hair and this fuelled the anger of Thor who then threatened Loki to make amends for it. 


Njord: Ruler of Vanir gods. He was the god of wind, sea, and water. Njord came to dwell in Asgard as the peace treaty between two god tribes. Furthermore, the marriage of Njord and giantess Skadi was the most famous tale of him. 


Image of Freyr and Freya Norse Gods

Freya: Daughter of Njord. She had the twin brother whose name was Freyr. Freya was so beautiful that many beings in the cosmos fell in love with her. She was also the goddess of war who shared the brave human warriors with Odin.


Freyr: Son of Njord and brother of Freya. He was the god of wealth, prosperity, and harvest. Freyr was believed to be the ruler of Alfheim and the lord of the elves. He likewise came to live in stronghold Asgard with his father and twin sister.



Overall, the Aesir were the principal deities of the pantheon. They included many major figures in Norse myth: Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldur, Tyr, etc. Usually, the Aesir gods had a strong connection with the war and power. Meanwhile, the Vanir god tribe was often connected with fertility and cultivation. The most famous Vanir gods were Njord, Freyr, and Freya.

The list of Norse gods in this blog post is not sufficient as there were far more Norse gods in the myth. This blog post only focuses on the most influential Gods of both tribes.

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