What were Odin Weapons?

Image of Odin power

Odin the Allfather was the Aesir chief god who was also the ruler of the Asgard stronghold. He was the god of death, war, poem, and wisdom. Under the dark cloak, Odin appeared in a form of an old man with long beard wandering the Nine Worlds to pursue wisdom. Though depicted as a god of war, he seldom himself took part in the battles. But once he joined the battle, Ragnarok for example, he would carry the famous Odin weapons with himself.


Sleipnir was the great steed of Odin. He was the grey eight-legged horse with incredible abilities. In fact, Sleipnir was the son of Loki and a great stallion and Loki was the mother of Sleipnir. Loki once disguised himself as a mare to distract the stallion from finishing building the Asgard Wall. Loki Norse Trickster later gave Sleipnir to Odin.

Image of Sleipnir horse of Odin Odin weapons
Sleipnir eight-legged horse

Surely, to be the favorite steed of Odin, Sleipnir was not an ordinary horse. He could gallop over the sea, within the air, and of course on land. No horse in the cosmos could run as fast as Sleipnir did. Sleipnir once carried Hermod to the land of Helheim to retrieve God Baldur back to Asgard.


The most famous weapon of Odin was Gungnir the spear. This priceless spear had so great a reputation that maybe only Mjolnir Hammer of Thor could ever compare with. The spear Gungnir was the masterpiece of the dwarves when Loki once travelled to Svartalfheim (Land of dwarves) to beg them to create treasures. When coming to Asgard, Loki gifted Gungnir the spear to Odin.

Image of Odin and Gungnir Odin weapons
Odin wielding Gungnir in Ragnarok

Gungnir appeared in Odin’s journey of discovering the meaning of runes. To be specific, to be capble of deciphering the runes, Odin must make a sacrifice which was hanging himself on the branch of Yggdrasil. He did hang himself on Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights without eating or drinking anything. His Gungnir spear stabbed him in the chest as well. For all of this, he could read the runes at last.

Gungnir never missed its target and always returned to Odin just like Mjolnir Hammer and Thor. Odin often threw Gungnir spear into the fontline of his enemies and yelled “Odin Owns You All” to as a ritual to start his fighting. This became a traditional war preliminary of the Viking warriors. In Odin’s last battle Ragnarok, he carried Gungnir with himself to encounter Wolf Fenrir. However, Gungnir did not help him claim the victory in this battle.

Wolves and Ravens

Image of Odin ravens huginn muninn and wolves geri freki Odin weapons
Odin and his constant companions

Odin was believed to have a pair of wolves as his constant companions. He called them Geri and Freki, both meaning “the ravenous” or “greedy one”. In the myth, Odin fed his wolves with all of his food while he was only consuming wine. Because for Odin, his wine was both drink and food.

Other constant companions of Odin were two ravens whose names respectively were Huginn and Muninn. People respected these two ravens so much because they represented Odin’s mind and thought. In the myth, Odin permitted Huginn and Muninn to fly around the Nine Worlds to observe numerous stories. When they returned and perched on Odin’s shoulders, their duty was to tell Odin things they had witnessed. Thereby, Odin the nonstop knowledge seeker would always be kept informed about the things in the world. Odin also gave his ravens the ability of speech.

Though many people might not view ravens and wolves as Odin weapons, in a figurative way can we assume they were Odin weapons. For example, ravens were Odin weapons to obtain more knowledge. Odin weapons were not only the things that he used to claim the life of his enemy but also to satisfy his desire (of knowledge).


Draupnir was the golden ring of Odin. The dwarves Eitri and Brokk created the Draupnir ring. In fact, Loki had teased Eitri and Brokk could not make any other good treasure that could rival the treasures by Sons of Ivaldi. And then Draupnir was created with other two treasures: Mjolnir hammer of Thor and Gullinbursti Boar of Freyr. Accordingly, Loki lost the bet and got his mouth shut with wire by the dwarves.

The Draupnir ring of Odin could produce and drop eight other rings as heavy and bring as the first. So that was the reason why its name was Draupnir meaning “Dropper”. During the Baldur Death, Odin placed Draupnir ring on the ship that carried the body of Baldur to Helheim. Hermod the Asgard messenger brought the ring back to Odin from the underworld Helheim.


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