Image of Ragnarok Doom Days

What was Ragnarok?

Ragnarok or the Doom of Gods was a series of disastrous events prophesied in Norse myth. It included the deaths of many Gods, the dark days of the whole cosmos, and many other natural disasters. People interpret the word “Ragnarok” as the “final destiny of the Gods”

Image of Ragnarok
Ragnarok days

Dark and haunting dreams and prophecies had illustrated the scenarios of the universal destruction and the downfall of the Gods. Thereby, Odin the chief God of Asgard and other gods prepared as well as they could for Ragnarok. Odin spent a lot of his time and effort to build up his army. He selected the bravest and ablest fallen human warriors to fight with him in the battle with Giants the devourers. They knew all of their desperate deeds would come to nowhere though.

Ragnarok Signs

The first sign of Ragnarok was the murder of the beloved god Baldur, son of Odin. Baldur Death really scared the entirety of Gods community. The second sign was that the three winters came in a row without any summer. This plodding period was The Great Winter Fimbulwinter. The third sign was the wolves in the sky swallowing the moon and the sun. The stars disappeared and the whole cosmos sunk into darkness.

Image of Baldur's Death
Baldur’s Death

Loki and his sons – Fenrir and Jormungandr – broke the fetter which was set to prevent them from igniting Ragnarok. Jormungandr once cast deep in the ocean now released his tail from his mouth as the very harbinger of the final battle. Fenrir brutally made his way to Asgard with his jaws open to eat everything in his sight. Serpent Jormungandr sprayed poison to all directions in the world. Yggdrasil the Great Tree then trembled.

God Heimdall the watchman of Asgard saw the vast army of the Giants heading to Asgard. He sounded his horn to notify the Gods of the upcoming danger. This sound must terrify the entirety of God community, let alone other beings in the cosmos.

Ragnarok and Gods’ Doom

Everyone fought to the end like never before. Thor killed the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr. He then walked nine paces and fell down. Thor was killed by the poisonous venom that Jormungandr left. Odin and Tyr were executed by Wolf Fenrir. This monstrous wolf then was killed by Vidar son of Odin as a revenge for his father’s death. The fire giant known as Surtr killed Freyr. According to many materials, the fire that Surtrheld engulfed the whole cosmos. Loki and Heimdall slew each other.

Image of Vidar fighting against Jormungandr
Vidar and Jormungandr

This final battle was truly bloody and apocalyptic. The whole world sank into the deep ocean. The darkness and void completely dominated the universe.

The most satisfying part was that the world would rise again and another ever-green and peaceful cosmos would reign. A human couple named Lift and Lifthrasir survived Ragnarok when they hid in the hole of Yggdrasil. As the war passed, they would come out and repopulate the world again. Some gods did survive Ragnarok like Odin’s sons Vidar and Vali, his brother Honir, or god Baldur who once was dead. Thor’s children would inherit the Mjolnir – their father’s super powerful hammer and carry them into the future.