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The Goats of Thor: Why It Had To Be Goats?

Thor's lightning

Norse mythology mentioned nearly all gods had an animal to carry them run around Nine Worlds. Odin had an eight-legged horse Sleipnir, Freyr a golden boar Gullinbursti, and Freya with two cats. But Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning had a pair of goats pulled his chariot around. Goats of Thor seemed to be …

Midgard – Land of Humans

Midgard Human land

Of all the Nine Realms in Norse mythology, there was only one visible world to the normal eyes. Midgard was the name of that place. The people who dwelled in the land of Midgard Human land were just the normal human with flesh and blood. However, this place was of importance in Norse myth because only the normal people …

Asgard – Land of Gods

Aesir God Realm

  On the upper branches of Yggdrasil, there lay Asgard the divine place of the Aesir Gods and Goddesses. Aesir Gods were the one of two main race of Gods in Norse myth. Odin the Allfather was the chief God who ruled Asgard. There are many mysterious and interesting things inside the Asgard gates but …