Thor and the Mjolnir Hammer

Thor and the Mjolnir Hammer

In Norse mythology, Thor was a hammer-wielding god whose power was about lightning, thunder, and storm. He was the son of Odin the Allfather and a Giantess named Jord. Thor was one of the most respected and mighty war deities. He had iron gloves, a griddle doubling his power, and an invincible flying hammer called Mjolnir. Thor did not ride a horse; instead, he traveled in a chariot drawn by male goats called Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. The wheels of the chariot made a noise like thunder when Thor raced across the heavens.

Thor Appearance and Treasures

The most common depiction of Thor in Norse mythology was a large man with flowing hair and a red beard. His eyes always went along with lightning. Although he may look ferocious, he was a good figure. Thor was the protector of both gods and humans against any hostile forces.

Thor’s greatest possession must be his hammer, the Mjolnir made by the Dwarfs. The hammer which was somewhat cross-like had a massive head and a short handle. The Mjolnir hammer assisted Thor in guarding Asgard against the giants. When Thor hurled it, it struck to the aimed objective and returned back into Thor’s hand like a boomerang. Despite its mighty size, the Mjolnir could shrink to fit inside Thor’s shirt.

Besides being Thor’s primary weapon in combat, Mjolnir was used as an instrument of resurrection, blessing, and protection. Thor killed his goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr then cook them for sustenance. After that, Thor resurrected them with his hammer and they came back to life the next day. Thor used his hammer the Mjolnir in formal ceremonies such as marriages, births, and funerals to bless the people and community as a whole and ward off the evil spirits surrounding.

Thor and Final Battle

In the event of Ragnarok, the End of Gods, the venom of the dying Jormungandr known as the Midgard  Serpent slew Thor after he had put an end to the life of Jormungandr who was his ancient and mortal enemy.

The Mjolnir Hammer then was inherited by Thor’s sons, Magni and Modi. Until now, Mjolnir is still the best emblematic of Thor’s supreme strength. Mjolnir is also so inspiring that people choose it for their jewelry design as it represents the power, bravery, and protection of Thor.