Three Viking Ships Found in Vestfold, Norway

Viking ships found in Vestfold, Norway included Gokstad ship and Oseberg ship

In the Viking Age, ship played an important part. They were not only majestic in the appearance but also powerful in the vast ocean. Long gone the Viking Age yet many of Viking ship remnants are still with us. In this blog post, we discuss three Viking ships found in Vestfold, Norway, making this place a hot spot for archaeology.

Oseberg ship

If we mention Viking ship excavation, we cannot sort out the Oseberg ship. It has become among the best preserved ships ever on Earth. The mass media pay attention to the Oseberg ship not only for its breath-taking appearance but also the mystery around it.

Viking Oseberg ship on display in the museum
Oseberg ship on display

By far, many questions about the ship remain unsolved. For example, who the ship and the burial mound in general dedicated to? The archaeologists have found inside two remains of Viking women which excited them to the core.

Also, inside the Oseberg burial mound, they found a tapestry – the Oseberg tapestry, with mysterious presentation. The tapestry presented a ritual with a man leading it. The awesome thing was that the leading man was wearing a horned helmet which historians debunked its historical existence. This is yet to be solved as well.

Viking ship when the excavation was not finished
Viking ship when the excavation was not finished

Gokstad ship

In 1880, two sons of a farmer owning the Gokstad farmland started digging up the farm to find out whether the rumor was true or not. They had been hearing that their farmland used to be a part of Viking town. With the curiosity, they dug up the land only to find out the rumor was true.

The first thing came to their eyes was the bow of a ship. On hearing this, the archaeologists quickly got to the farmland and started the excavation.

After months, the archaeologists finally brought out the Gokstad ship making it the second Viking ships found in Vestfold.

Gokstad ship remains
Gokstad remains on display

The ship was dedicated to a Viking man who died a warrior death. After studying the remains inside the Gokstad ship, archaeologists found out that there were many fatal cuts along his body. They assumed that the ship was buried with him to honor what he had contributed to the clan.

Newly-found ship in 2019

March of 2019 witnessed an official announcement from Norwegian archaeologists stating that they have found footage of a Viking ship. It is not everyday that they can find a Viking ship somewhere beneath the surface.

With the aid of ground-penetrating radar, the archaeologists detected a ship-like object just below the land. It was inside the Borre park which has been a place for Viking archaeology.

The site where archaeologists detected the ship inside Borre park in Vestfold, Norway. Three Viking ships found in Vestfold, Norway
The site where archaeologists detected the ship

However, the archaeologists need to do further research with the site and there is no announcement that the site will be excavated. For the archaeology, digging up is the last resort. They would prefer to let the site be as it used to be.

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