Top 10 Viking Lifestyles that will change your life (Part 1)

Image of Viking lifestyles Viking warriors

Bearded men with axes traveling around the world and claiming the life of others? I think the most important part of the Viking spirit has been missed by you. The Vikings are not merely the brutal warriors. Though Viking warriors did raid, the majority of the Vikings were ordinary farmers. Life of the Vikings is what worth saying in this blog post. Carry on reading to find out top 10 Viking Lifestyles that will change your life.

1. Respect their women

One of the most remarkable thing that made the Vikings different was that the Vikings respected their women. Even though there were girl slaves, the majority of Viking women had a certain voice at least in their house. Viking women possessed certain basic rights. For example, a Viking woman was allowed to have property. They could divorce their husband or sue the man who sexually harassed them for instance.

Image of Vikings respected woman

Many people believed that the Vikings could build such great an empire thanks to the support of their family. They supported from the very simple household chores. Viking women were true mothers who managed to run their houses without any mistake. The amount of help that Viking women contributed to the family and their society couldn’t be denied. Realizing the importance of the women, Viking men held their women in high esteem.

2. Commune with nature

How long haven’t you been out of the blocks to travel among the forest, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the fresh food? I bet you’ve just crammed yourself with junk food and concrete walls. Give up that deadly lifestyle. Get a true life, folk. Live harmoniously with the nature like the Vikings. In the past, the Vikings ate what nature gave us. They consumed whatever grew from their land. I know it’s unfair to compare two different generations. But take a look at your life recently. Do you love it or do you feel like you are stuck in a same unhealthy pattern? I guess you should pick up one of the Viking lifestyles of communing with nature. Spend your time in nature like a picnic. Eat fresh vegetables instead of fried chicken.

Image of Viking boats

3. Step out of the comfort zone

Another thing that made the Vikings different from other ancient tribes: they went out of their ancestral land. In that ancient time, they didn’t know what exactly was out there. But they still chose to go out. They did step out of the comfort zone even though future was bleak to them at that time.

Image of Viking lifestyles Vikings

What about us? We have many technological devices in hands that will help us know anything. The world seems too small and everything seems to grant us the convenience. So we refuse to do anything “divergently”. That’s the reason why we are wrapped in a wool and can never become a beautiful butterfly flying the world. Don’t be afraid. Walk out of your door and challenge yourself.

4. Exercise every day

One of the Viking lifestyles that we can follow is to exercise every day. It once was a demanding task for the Vikings. Because without a strong body, they couldn’t survive the harsh weather. They kept training themselves every day. By that way did the Vikings enhance their stamina and build some muscles.

What is the heaviest things you lift recently? Your laptop or your phone? Be honest to yourself. You will regret not training yourself when you still have the ability to do so. If you don’t want to go to the gym, at least you should walk or move your body more.

5. Keep yourself ambitious

Yes! Keep yourself ambitious. You are just a normal person unless you train your mind to be ambitious. You don’t know how much it affects your life and your actions. By staying ambitious, the Vikings achieved incredible things: land, fortune, fame, etc. They changed their life by keeping themselves ambitious. Practice one of these Viking lifestyles to see results in your life.


Image of Viking lifestyles
Vikings always stayed ambitious



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