Viking Stones: Andre Image Stones Explained

Viking Andre Image Stones Explained

Andre Image Stones were the collection of Viking images and runes. The stones dated back to around 8th century or 10th century. The Andre stones used to be materials to construct buildings in the past. Until the archaeologists found out how valuable the stones were, they started to protect the Andre Image Stones. This Andre Image Stones Explained article will try to explain what the stones presented.

The largest stone in the Andre Image Stones was the Andre VIII. This Andre VIII was also the most interesting stone to explain though. Nearly all the depictions on the Andre Image Stones illustrated tales in Norse mythology.

General view of Andre VIII. Viking Andre Image Stones explained
General view of Andre VIII

The upper part of Andre VII, according to the scholars, could have depicted Odin and his Valhalla. Odin was riding on his Sleipnir eight-legged horse. The gate was probably the gate on Valhalla which was guarded by a dog to the right of the picture. The fallen warriors were feasting or battling in Valhalla like the tradition. This was what Norse mythology told us about Valhalla the Hall of the Fallen. Odin would host many fallen Viking warriors who died warrior death in Valhalla. They would keep fighting one another and chanting and healing day by day. This used to be what the Vikings wanted their life to be.

The upper part of Andre VIII. Viking Andre Image Stones explained
The upper part of Andre VIII

The large ship on Andre image stone was similar to many other ships on Viking picture stones that archaeologists have found. The sailors or warriors were holding swords with them. This suggested that these folks could have been elite and noble warriors because not everyone in Viking society could afford a sword.

The scholars believed this detail told the forge of Weyland.

Viking Andre Image Stones explained
Detail that possible depicted the forge of Weyland

The detail on the left bottom now confuses the scholars. Some of the scholars believed that it depicted the occasion when Thor caught Loki when Loki shapeshifted himself into a salmon. Meanwhile, others believe that it depicted Thor and a giant went out to fish Jormungand.

Part of Andre VIII. Andre Image Stones explained
Thor went fishing

However, as time progresses, the Andre VIII doesn’t remain its good condition. Because of this, having Andre Image Stones explained completely is not possible at the moment. Furthermore, the scholars are yet to make out the connection between the upper part and the lower part of Andre VIII.

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