Why Vikings Raided? Because of Shortage of Women

What we commonly know about the Vikings is their great achievement over the water. Much to our belief, the Vikings were the raiders who traveled across the ocean to loot and plunder. But what was their motivation to go on raiding? The Vikings started out with small raids and those small raids gradually became the conquests. So why Viking raided?

Archaeologists tried to identify what were the main reasons. Some claimed that because the shipbuilding techniques enabled them to travel more easily so they started raiding. If this was the case, why the Vikings didn’t trade carefully with the neighborhood? Some said because of the fruitful harvests that boosted the population so much. So a group of Viking men had to go outside their land to make and meet. New insightful group of the archaeologists have voiced that the suitable reason why the Viking raided was for women.

The scholars believed that the Vikings monopolized the wealthy men with the great position. This resulted in the shortage of unwed women for the men. The unwed men with normal social status had to wait for their chance. But if there was no more waiting, one would find another way to survive on other land.

Why Vikings Raided? Looking for their Love

This theory has been put “History of the Normans” by the historian Dudo of St. Quentin. Old as the book might be, it presented the viewpoint of the writer toward why Vikings raided. The Vikings applied the polygon or had many wives in their society meant a deterrence to the unwed men. They simply could not found any eligible girls to marry.

The lack of the eligible women motivated unwed men to fight one another to get a marriage. As a result, it changed the Viking traditional living pattern as a farmer into a raider. They had to move out of their ancestral land to seek wealth, fortune, and social rank. As a result, this led to a trend in looting and raiding voyages in the Viking Age, the scholars suggested.

Why Viking raided? Was the answer women?
Were women the reason why Vikings raided?

Overall, many people still believe that there are various reasons why Vikings raided. The shortage of eligible women alone could not motivate the Vikings so much. For example, if they didn’t have enough women in their society, they went on raiding without the good shipbuilding techniques, how could they become so successful?

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