Month: June 2018

Viking Twin Ravens Symbol

Image of Viking twin ravens symbol

The Norse belief and tales deeply implanted into the mindset of the Vikings. They worshipped the Norse pantheon and used the Norse symbols as their amulets in life. Of all the Norse/Viking symbols, the twin ravens were one of the most powerful symbols that the Vikings respected. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the Viking Ravens Symbol Twin Ravens were Odin’s …

Aegishjalmur – Helm of Awe

Image of Helm of awe TavenerScholar

The Helm of Awe or Ægishjálmur (EYE-gis-hiowl-mer) was one of the most mysterious symbols to the Vikings and Norse mythology. People regard it as a powerful and mystical symbol. The main power that people know about the Helm of Awe was its protection for the wearers. The Design of Helm of Awe The Helm of Awe consisted of eight spikes that radiated out like they were protecting the central point. This design stroke and instilled …