Month: August 2018

Top 10 Viking Lifestyles that will change your life (Part 1)

Image of Viking lifestyles Viking warriors

Bearded men with axes traveling around the world and claiming the life of others? I think the most important part of the Viking spirit has been missed by you. The Vikings are not merely the brutal warriors. Though Viking warriors did raid, the majority of the Vikings were ordinary farmers. Life of the Vikings is what worth saying in this blog post. Carry on reading to find out top 10 Viking …

Viking Jewelry

Image of Viking jewelry artifact

Jewelry is not the first thing to commonly come to our mind when we discuss the Vikings.  Most of the time, we will think about the savage warriors with swords, axes, or armor. How can mighty Viking warriors have something to do with jewelry, right? The fact is, jewelry was very common and many Vikings wore jewelry. They loved jewelry. The Viking Jewelry Collection had as many pieces as we have …