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Viking Culture The Vikings were a proud and powerful nation. Their history, culture, and especially sophisticated mythology fascinates humanity today across all continents. They are known above all as mighty warriors and capable sailors who managed to penetrate almost all parts of the world. But, it would be a mistake to link the Vikings only …

Vikings Culture and Art

Viking cuture

Rune font The most well-known element of Viking culture is the Rune font, which is special in stone. For example, it was used to enumerate witch formulas, it was described by tombstones. But they are also known as runes written ballads of skalds (northern wandering singers). Viking Fine Arts Viking Arts had a distinctly ornamental …

How the Vikings fought

How the Vikings Fought

The Vikings fought effectively and disciplined because of mutual relations between crew members. These mutual links were definitely more pronounced than most of their opponents. The considerable mobility allowed them to cope with the numerical superiority of the enemy. They attacked the wedge-shaped formation on which they were the best fighters. The Vikings were known …