Explanation of Norse Nature in Norse Mythology

Thor's lightning

People always try to explain things around them. Whatever they cannot understand, they will explain it by imagination and religion. So did the Norsemen. In Norse mythology, many of natural phenomena were explained. Here is Explanation of Norse Nature.


In Norse mythology, earthquake is not shaking of the surface of the Earth. But it was because of Loki’s agony that caused earthquake to the surface of the Earth. That’s the Explanation of Norse Nature Earthquake.

Loki finally had to pay a price for what he had done to Norse pantheon – killing Baldur Son of Odin. The Gods punished him inside a cave with a snake placed above his head. Everytime the snake dropped its venom on the face of Loki, he writhed in agony that caused the land of Midgard to suffer.

Explanation of Norse Nature
Loki punishment

But thanks to Sigyn Wife of Loki, our Midgard didn’t always have earthquake. Inside the cave where Loki was bound, Sigyn chose to stay with her mischievous husband. She held a bowl in her hand and took every drop of the venom away from her husband. When she turned away to empty the bowl, the venom hit Loki causing him in great agony.


Lighning in Norse mythology was not scientifically explained as a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs usually during a storm. Rather, it was because of Thor that lightning was created.

Thor was Norse god of Thunder and storm in Norse mytholoy. His primary weapon was the Mjolnir Hammer that helped him in almost all battle. Everytime Thor wielded his Mjolnir hammer, lightning was summoned. The lightning from Mjolnir hammer not only defended Norse gods but also slew a lot of giant in Norse myth.

Norse god Thor Viking god Thor
Thor Odinsson was a great Viking god who was generous and nice to the humanity


Again, thunder was not scientifically explained as the sharp lound and cracking sound caused by lightning.

Norse mythology had it that everytime Thor crossed the sky with his chariot, he caused the sound of thunder to the worlds beneath. Thor rode on a goat-pulled chariot. Thor had a pair of goats that became his constant companions like Odin and ravens.

Thor could slaughter his goats for food. And when the day broke on the sky, he would use his Mjolnir hammer to resurrect his goats back to life. And there we still have the thunder sound in Midgard everytime Thor crossed the sky.

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