Image of Freyr and giant Surtr in their final combat in Ragnarok

Who was Freyr Norse God?

Freya the beautiful chief goddess of Vanir had a twin brother whose name was Freyr. While the name of Freya meant “lady”, that of Freyr Norse God meant “lord”.

Image of twin Vanir gods Freyr Norse God and Freya
Freyr and Freya

Freyr was incredibly beautiful just like his sister and many other gods. He was the shining god of fertility and the lord of Sun, rain, and good harvest. Due to the power he embodies, Freyr Norse God was loved and respected by many beings in Norse myth. He was conjectured to be the ruler of the Alfheim – the land of the beautiful and luminous elves. According to the myth, Freyr and some Vanir gods came to live in Asgard after the Aesir and Vanir war had ended with a peace treaty. He married Gerda a beautiful giant whose heart was icy. Freyr went to great lengths to win the heart of Gerda.


Treasures of Freyr

Like many other gods, Freyr himself possessed many great treasures. He was the owner of the ship Skidbladnir. The ship was huge enough to carry all the gods, horses, and other armor. Freyr could fold the ship until it turned small enough to fit a place in a pouch when not in use. This magical ship could travel through the land and within the air. And, of course, it could cross the ocean as fast as a magic carpet.

The second famous possession of Freyr was his sword. Its name was Sumarbrandr whose fear and reputation could almost rival that of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. This sword was his “bride price” as he gave his sword to the father-in-law, the giant Gymir.

Image of Freyr Norse God, his boar, and his sword
Freyr, his boar, and his sword

Freyr did not ride on a horse like some. He traveled on a golden boar named Gullinbursti. His boar was made from a pigskin and thousands of piece of gold wire by the skillful dwarves. The boar could across the sky, ocean, and earth faster than any horse. Gullinbursti’s duty was to plow the earth and made it green.

In Norse myth, the dark prophecies had it that Freyr Norse God would die under the flame of giant Surtr in Ragnarok. Many claimed that his biggest regret was the loss of his magic sword. Because without the sword, he lost the battle with Surtr the giant and lost his life.

Image of Freyr Norse God encountering Surtr in Ragnarok
The last stand of Freyr


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