Image of Baldur funeral

Baldur was the Aesir god of joy and purity in Norse mythology. Baldur was the beloved son of chief god Odin and the goddess Frigg. He was the brother of Thor God of Thunder. God Baldur married the Aesir goddess Nanna and became the father of the god Forseti.

Image of God Baldur, Nanna, and their child

Baldur was so bright that his whole body always gave off the light. He was so beautiful that the most beautiful flowers bowed down before him whenever he walked by. Other gods, goddesses, and any other beings loved Baldur so much because Baldur was just, fair-spoken, and gracious.

He lived in the house of Breidablik with his beautiful wife and child. His house was located in the Asgard and also in the land of no evil and harm. The roof of his house was made of glimmering silver. Baldur was in possession of a longship whose name was the Hringhorn.

The Death of God Baldur

The gods entertained themselves by throwing things at Baldur, knowing he would be immune to such things.

Image of God Baldur before people
The shining and beautiful Baldur

Only when the blind god Hod inadvertently hurled the spear made of mistletoe at Baldur was he wounded and killed. Yes, his brother god Hod killed Baldur. However, this murder conspiracy belonged to Loki. The gods and goddesses mourned the passing of this beloved God Baldur. They could do nothing but conducted Baldur’s funeral on his own ship Hringhorn and Thor set fire to the ship, sending it to the land of Helheim.

Image of Odin at God Baldur funeral
Odin at Baldur funeral

Actually, Baldur had terrible dreams that might foretell his own death when he became a young man. This upset him a lot. Although his father Odin and mother Frigg desperately prevented his dreams from coming true, the murder of Baldur was inescapable. The death of Baldur was also the harbinger of the doom days of Ragnarok. And only after the Ragnarok could God Baldur come back to life and he was one of few gods who survived to enter the new period of the universe.