God Bragi: Son of Odin, God of Music and Poem

God Bragi was the god of music and poem in Norse mythology

Bragi was quite a strange name for many people. Yet, he was a part of Norse Pantheon. In Norse mythology, god Bragi was the god of Music and Poem.

Bragi was the son of Odin and Gunnlod the guardian of the Mead of Poetry. Mythology had it that as Odin met Gunnlod in the cave where Gunnlod’s father kept the Mead of Poetry. Because the Mead could make its drinkers benevolent, Odin wanted it. Inside the cave, he had to entertain Gunnlod the giant for three nights. It was during this time that Bragi was born.

The wife of Bragi was Idunn the Keeper of Youth Fruits. They had many children. Yet, Norse mythology didn’t mention the names of their children.

God Bragi and Idun the guardian of youth fruits
God Bragi and Idun the guardian of youth fruits

In other mythology, the ones that were responsible for playing the music were the beautiful elves. Yet, this didn’t happen in Norse mythology. As Bragi was the one who entertained people. God Bragi was not described as a handsome man. Rather, he had a long beard.

God Bragi’s voice was so beautiful that many creatures wanted to keep it for themselves only.

When Odin was absent, Bragi was the one that welcomed the fallen warriors into Valhalla. There he would entertain the warriors with his music and poems.

God Bragi played music to entertain the fallen warriors inside Valhalla the Hall of Odin

Bragi also had a talent of eloquence. He could console the warriors who felt discouraged and ignored in Valhalla. God Bragi used all of his encouraging and motivational sayings to help people out of adversities.

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