Who Are Gods of Fire in Norse Mythology?

gods of fire in norse mythology

Note that these Gods of Fire are based on the viewpoint of the article writer only. May this blog post entertain you!

If you have heard anyone saying about Norse god of fire, probably he is Loki. I once disagreed with the claim that Loki was god of fire for mistaking two figures Loki and Logi. They were actually two separate figures. But when I dig deep down into the character of Loki, I realize that Loki embodied the qualities of fire. But only did Loki had such qualities, Odin and Baldur also had.

Loki – Fire of Destruction

The power of fire is totally a nightmare if you cannot put it off. It can take lives, burn down houses and forests, and send everything into ashes. No matter what time and what place, fire dominates an important part.

The question is, did Loki ever destroy anything in Norse mythology. Yes, he did. He completely destroyed everything he touched in Norse mythology, not just the Ragnarok.

Loki one of the gods of fire in Norse mythology
Loki – one of the gods of fire in Norse mythology

Loki might feel jealous of Odin and Odin’s family. Odin had everything like power, wives, famous sons, honors, etc. Meanwhile, Loki lived as a black sheep among the gods. He desired to have something great for himself.

But whatever he tried, he failed. He had monstrous children whom the prophecy said would destroy the whole cosmos. Even Sleipnir horse he gifted to Odin did not have a normal appearance. Sleipnir was an eight-legged horse.

Sometimes Loki might feel like an unfortunate for everyone around him. His children were mistreated and cast into different worlds since birth. His wife had to witness the death of their son and had to sacrifice to protect Loki. Anything related to Loki had a tragic ending.

Everything climaxed to the point that he finally triggered off Ragnarok – the Destruction of Norse Pantheon.

The fire of envy, humiliation, and determination to prove himself pushed Loki to destroy everything. This time, the fire was so large that it consumed every piece of Asgard. Even the sun was swallowed by the fire of Loki.

But if a fire destroyed, it created as well. After Ragnarok, there were some survivors who carried a mission to repopulate the world. The fire of Loki destroyed Norse cosmos but also unfolded a new chapter for the universe.

Odin – Fire of Knowledge

No one could ever deny the importance of knowledge. Whatever form knowledge might take, it contributes to the development of society.

And in Norse mythology, Odin, among gods of fire, was truly a representative of knowledge fire. If Loki somehow presented a tangible fire, Odin had an intangible fire inside himself. The burning desire inside Odin to learn kept his focus on a goal – knowledge.

Wisdom is welcome wherever  it comes from Odin the Allfather
“Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from”

He had a high throne in Asgard where he could observe everything below. He had two companions, Huginn and Muninn, and often let them fly away to see what was happening around Nine Worlds. When the dawn broke in the sky, they came back and told Odin what they had seen. Odin traded an eye for more knowledge. He made a sacrifice for nine days to get the hang of runes.

Actually, the burning desire to pursue knowledge of Odin the Allfather really needs not many words to explain.

Baldur – Fire of Hope

From the beginning, we feel that everyone in Nine Worlds view Baldur as a hope. It was not merely a hope for survival but it was a hope for fair treatment, justice, and a better life.

Baldur in Norse mythology was the son of Odin and Frigg the Queen of Asgard. Baldur was the only and official prince of Asgard. Legend had it that Baldur was a handsome and kind man. He always treated people with kindness and fairness. Seemingly, Baldur was hope for a better life in the Norse world.

Baldur the Shining God one of the gods of fire in Norse mythology
Baldur the Shining God one of the gods of fire in Norse mythology

Everyone tried to protect Baldur for he was the only hope for survival. In the prophecy of Norse mythology, the death of Baldur was the first sign of Ragnarok Doom of Norse cosmos.

Yet, one day, Baldur’s fate knocked at the gates of Asgard and even Odin could not protect his son. Baldur was killed and sent to the land of deceased where Hel daughter of Loki ruled over.

Maybe because Baldur didn’t join Ragnarok, he survived it. When the final battle of Ragnarok came to an end, Baldur came back to life from the Helheim. He once again became the flickering flame of hope. Bladur was among the survivors of gods who came to a new hall and build up a new cosmos where they would rule and talk about the ancestors’ stories.

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