Loki in Norse myth: God of Fire or Scapegoat of Gods

Loki in Norse myth: Was Loki a god of fire?

In Norse mythology, Loki was among the most complicated figures. The complexity and unpredictability of Loki could compare with that of Odin the Allfather. Writing about Loki is never enough. His character is like the stars and we are yet to fathom all of them. In this blog post, we are to discuss whether Loki in Norse myth was a god of fire in Norse Pantheon or he was just a Scapegoat of the Gods?

Was Loki in Norse myth a God of Fire?

In Norse mythology, many times Loki appeared with Thor and Odin. And also most of the time we see Loki with other gods, living up in Asgard and feasting together. Accordingly, we think Loki was a god. But it remains a mystery whether Loki was a god or not.

Loki was the son of Farbauti and Laufey. While Farbauti was a giant, the identity of Laufey remains a mystery. However, high chances were that Laufey was a giant too. This made Loki never a god. Rather, he was a pure giant. Also, there has been no archaeological evidence proving that Loki was worshiped in the past. Meanwhile, the Vikings had the cult of Odin, Thor, or Tyr back then.

So the safest way is not to mention “god” along the name of Loki because he was not an official god in Norse pantheon.

Loki in norse myth often appeared with Odin and Thor
Loki was a constant companion with Odin the Allfather and Thor

He wasn’t a god, not to mention a god of fire. The misconception of “god of fire” was a result from modern art. In Norse mythology, there was a figure whose name was Logi living in Utgard-Loki kingdom. Loki and Logi once competed in one eating contest, whoever finished the meal won. Loki lost to Logi who was the embodiment of fire. And fire was the only thing that could beat things in the quickest way.

Because of the almost similar names, many assume Logi and Loki were one figure. However, Loki was never a Norse god of Fire in Norse mythology.

Loki was not God of Fire in Norse mythology
Loki was not a god of fire in Norse mythology. He could possibly the embodiment of Fire.

Was Loki a Scapegoat of the Gods

Indeed, Loki was a scapegoat of the gods. It is fair to say so because everytime something went wrong in Asgard, the first troublemaker that Norse gods could think of was Loki. For example, in the theft of Mjolnir hammer, Thor woke up only to find out that his hammer was nowhere to be found. He grabbed Loki by the neck and blamed everything was Loki’s fault without any reasons. And the hammer thief was Thrym a giant living far away.

However, it is quite unfair to say that Loki was a scapegoat of the gods from the viewpoint of the gods. Because Norse gods had enough “experience” to believe that many troubles up in Asgard were caused by Loki.

The most serious trouble by Loki was Ragnarok Doom of Gods.
Later, Loki triggered off Ragnarok against Norse gods. Joined by his notorious children, Loki led the dead army to crash the gate of Asgard.

Deep inside, Loki wanted to cause trouble to everyone and helped them out of those trouble. Why? He wanted to enjoy the heroic feeling of helping people out of trouble. But trouble people were enduring was brought on by Loki.

Generally, that Loki was a scapegoat is true. However, Loki was partly responsible for that name as well. It always goes with a reason why gods treated Loki like that.

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