Mjolnir Symbol – Thor’s Hammer

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In Norse mythology, Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer was one of the most powerful weapons. The owner of Mjolnir hammer was Thor the god of lightning and thunder. And yes, the main power of Mjolnir was to create the storm and strike thunder and lightning. Mjolnir hammer not only became a powerful symbol in Norse sagas but Mjolnir symbol has also become one of the most powerful and favorite symbols in this day and age.

The Origin of Mjolnir Hammer

Mjolnir hammer didn’t just exist in the cosmos. In fact, Mjolnir was created, but not by Thor. God Thor was the first owner of Mjolnir and later after the Ragnarok, Thor’s children would inherit Mjolnir hammer. The creators of Mjolnir were the dwarves, the most talented craftsmen in the Nine Worlds.

Image of Thor and Mjolnir symbol Norse
Thor and mjolnir hammer

Legend had it that one day, Loki was in the mood for pranking other gods. He sneaked into the room of Sif, Thor’s wife. Sif was sleeping at that moment. Loki decided to cut off the beautiful golden hair of Sif. As Sif woke up and realized that someone had destroyed her hair, she told Thor and this ignited his flames of wrath. Thor constantly knew that Loki was the culprit of this and he quickly found Loki. When facing Loki, Thor threatened to slay Loki with all of the power he got. Loki was too afraid to refuse any demands of Thor. Loki then offered to make amends for what he had created. His plans were that he would set off to Svartalfheim and asked for help there. Loki met some dwarves when he arrived Svartalfheim. He begged those dwarves to create the hair for Sif. But Loki wanted more, he challenged the dwarves to create more treasures. Finally, Loki arrived back to Asgard with a bag full of treasures to gift the gods. And Mjolnir was one of those treasures made by dwarves. Mjolnir hammer then was quickly offered to Thor. The only shortcoming of Mjolnir was the handle was quite short. But the power of it was incredible. Once hurled, the Mjolnir hammer would never miss its target.

The Theft of Mjolnir Hammer

Though Thor was a powerful god with the powerful Mjolnir, there was a time when the Mjolnir was stolen. One day, Thor woke up to find out that his Mjolnir hammer was missing, he tried in vain to look for Mjolnir hammer in Asgard. He quickly assumed that Loki was the thief and he went to find Loki. However, Loki insisted on not ever stealing anything from Thor and he offered to help Thor bring the Mjolnir hammer back. With the falcon of Freya, Loki went to Jotunheim land of the giant and met Thrym the giant there. Thrym admitted to stealing the hammer and hiding it eight miles under the earth. Thrym, however, asked to have Freya as his bride if the gods wanted him to give Mjolnir hammer back.

Image of Thor in wedding dress
Thor’s wedding day

Loki told his meeting with the giant to the Norse pantheon. They asked Freya to be the bride of the giant and she refused on the spot. The only one solution to this was that Thor disguised himself as Freya to attend the wedding. Thor at first refused to do so but he had to accept the challenge so as to bring his hammer back. There they went to “decorate” Thor into the bride Freya. The plans then bore fruits as Thor successfully retrieved his Mjolnir hammer and killed Thrym. (See Mjolnir Theft).

Mjolnir Symbol

Mjolnir hammer has gained so much reputation for its power and strong connection with Thor.

In the ancient age, the Vikings used Mjolnir symbol to decorate their amulet and talisman not only for combat but also in life. Because in Norse mythology, Thor used Mjolnir hammer both for defending and giving the blessing. Specifically, Thor used Mjolnir hammer to protect the gods and their stronghold of Asgard and in formal ceremonies, Thor would appear to give blessings by Mjolnir hammer. So the more the Vikings worshipped Thor, the more they favored Mjolnir hammer and respected it. In the combats, the Viking warriors would not survive with their skills only, they expected luck and much power from their deity to win their enemies completely. So Mjonir symbol was one of their most favorite symbols because, with Mjolnir symbol, the Vikings believed they were given the power and courage of Thor in their battles.

In this day and age, many people prefer Mjolnir symbol. The meaning of Mjolnir hammer still remains the same as it was in the past. People choose the Mjolnir symbol as their ideas for tattoos and by this way can they express their love and respect to Thor and his power.

Image of mjolnir symbol tattoo
Beautiful Mjolnir tattoo

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