Oseberg Grave Goods: Viking Sacrifice to Gods and Deceased

Oseberg burial mound Viking ship
The Vikings had a tradition of burying the deceased with grave goods. As they believed that the deceased would carry on their afterlife. And grave goods were a way to pay tribute to the deceased ones. Thanks to this tradition, we now have many Viking grave goods artifacts to observe. In this blog post, we are to see the Oseberg Grave goods which the archaeologists listed as the most luxurious. The archaeologists found out Oseberg burial mound in 1903. And after two years, they finally brought everything inside to the public eye. What made the Oseberg name famous was the Oseberg ship that dedicated to the deceased inside Oseberg burial.
Oseberg grave goods included a Viking ship
Oseberg ship was one of the Oseberg grave goods that the Vikings offered to the deceased inside the burial mound
Oseberg style on the Oseberg ship
Oseberg style decoration on the Oseberg ship
Oseberg cart oseberg grave goods
Viking Oseberg cart. The purpose of the cart still remains a mystery.
oseberg grave goods
Animal head post found inside the burial. There were five of them in total. But only four were on display. The fifth one was in so serious condition that the archaeologists decided to keep it preserved.
Viking Oseberg tapestry oseberg grave goods
Oseberg tapestry after construction
Oseberg bucket resembling the meditation pose of Buddha oseberg grave goods
Oseberg bucket resembling the meditation pose of Buddha. This made the archaeologists put forward theory that the Vikings once exposed to many cultures.

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