Skuldelev Ships: 5 Viking Ships Recovered From Water

Viking skuldelev ship

The Vikings fascinated us with their great shipbuilding skills. And the stories surrounding the Viking ships fascinated us even more. Many Viking ship excavations turned out to be the burial site. One uncommon excavation of Viking ship was that of Skuldelev Ships. Not only were there 5 ships that the archaeologists could find in the same spot but they were not used for any funeral as well.

The local fishermen knew that there were shipwrecks under the water. But at first, they assumed that the ship belonged to medieval queen Margaret. But to retrieve the Skuldelev ships from the shallow water required a great deal of time and effort. It took the archaeologists roughly 70 years to complete all of the excavation.

Skuldelev Ships
Skuldelev Ships arrangements under the water

It was around 1898 that a captain of a small ship found out parts of the ship and gave it to the museum. But until the middle of the 20th century, the archaeologists could determine where the shipwrecks rested. In 1956, divers saw the shipwrecks in bad visibility condition about 2m depth. The insightful archaeologists finally joined the game examining the ships and they came to conclusion that the ships belonged to the Viking age, not the medieval queen Margaret.

But that was just the task of identifying where the ships located. The next mission was how to retrieve the shipwrecks from the site. And their decision was to make a cofferdam turning it into a land excavation. At first, the archaeologists thought they had found out 6 Viking ships in the site. But it turned out to be that the No 4 ship belonged to the No 2 ship. All 5 ships dated back to the 11th century.

Viking excavation of the Vikng ships
The cofferdam to turn the site into a land escape
Mast of the ship excavated from the water
Mast of the ship excavated from the water


Skuldelev ships
Skuldelev ship 2
Skuldelev ships 3
Skuldelev ship 3



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