The Five Important Viking Gods in Viking Community

Viking gods

The Vikings worshiped many gods. Each Viking god embodied a certain number of valuable qualities. In Norse mythology, not all of them appeared vividly. A few of the Viking gods were the important ones. This blog post would tell the stories of the five important Viking gods in Viking community.

Who were the five important Viking gods?

Indeed, the list of Viking gods were very long. However, top five important gods were: Odin, Thor, Tyr, Frigg, and Freya. Odin, Thor, and Tyr were the Viking gods that related to war. Frigg and Freya were the goddesses of love and Freya was also the goddess of war.

Odin the Allfather

Odin was the chief Viking god ruling over the stronghold Asgard. He was the most complicated figure in Norse mythology. The unpredictability was often the trait of the leader and Odin had this. No one could predict or explain why Odin did that. But once we knew it, we learnt how great Odin was.

Odin traded one eye for a sip of the holy water. We might think this was not a fair trade because Odin lost one eye for only a sip of the water. But in fact, the holy water that Odin desired contained endless knowledge.

A Viking warrior hailing Odin when he could join Odin the Valhalla the Great Hall of Fallen Warriors
A Viking warrior hailing Odin when he could join Odin the Valhalla the Great Hall of Fallen Warriors

The Allfather also sacrificed himself on the Yggdrasil Tree to gain the ability to decipher runes. Runes were not only secret but also the philosophy of the universe. Anyone who could read runes could decipher the message of the universe.

Odin was also the Viking god of war. He didn’t appear much in the battle. But he presented the power of mind and nightmare that terrified the enemies to death.


No more detail for Thor because in this day and age, Thor is the most famous Norse god. Even if one person doesn’t read Norse myth, they know Thor is the Viking god of thunder and lightning that wielded the Mjolnir hammer.

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin. He was not only mighty but also generosity. Thor protected not only the gods but also the humanity. The gave the humanity his blessings with the Mjolnir hammer during the formal ceremonies.

Norse god Thor Viking god Thor
Thor Odinsson was a great Viking god who was generous and nice to the humanity

Thor was the god of war. Because he presented the physical strength and the bravery that the warrior should have in the combat. The Vikings worshipped Thor for his physical strength and bravery. The Viking warriors wore the Mjolnir hammer amulet pendant to wish for the presence of Thor in the battle.


Tyr was also an ancient Viking god. He was the God of honor and justice. The most famous story about Tyr was his sacrifice of one hand. Many attempts to bind Fenrir the monstrous wolf failed. When the gods finally found the magical chain to bind the wolf, Fenrir showed his unwillingness to try the chain. The wolf demanded one god to put a hand in his mouth full of sharp teeth. The only Viking god who was willing to do so was Tyr god of war.

Viking god Tyr sacrificed his hand
Tyr and Fenrir

Tyr put his hand in Fenrir’s mouth vowing that the gods were not playing any trick on Fenrir. But the gods actually did play a trick. But Tyr could never take back his vow. Feeling ashamed for both himself and his clan, he sacrificed one hand for the good of his people.


Frigg was the wife of Odin and also the Aesir chief goddess. She was the goddess of love, motherhood, and beauty.

The great mother love of Frigg appeared in the story where she tried to save her son from his destiny. Her son, Baldur Odinsson, was a beloved god. Baldur was a shining god who had the same dream with his mother. In his dream, he saw his death. Because Frigg was the seer, her dream upset her a lot.

Image of Frigg Norse Goddess spinning the clouds
Frigg Norse Goddess

Frigg then wandered the Nine Worlds to ask all creatures not to harm her son.

Thea beautiful goddess often appeared to be weaving the clouds. Though Frigg knew what was about to happen, she never told it to anyone else, even her husband.


Freya was the Viking goddess of love, sex, beauty, and war. If Frigg presented the love of the marriage or engaged couple, Freya depicted the love of the unofficial marriage. Freya was the goddess of war who shared the fallen warriors with Odin. Half of the fallen warriors would go to Valhalla with Odin while the rest would follow Freya to join Folkvangr.

Image of Freya Goddess of War and Love
Freya goddess of war with her cats

In Norse mythology, Freya had a mysterious husband whose name was Od. But one day, Od just disappeared. This broke Freya who was so much in love with this mysterious figure. Freya traveled all Nine Worlds to find her husband but not a time could she see her husband again. Her tears falling down becoming the most valuable stones.

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