Unbelievably Awesome Viking Artifacts You Don’t Know

What helps us learn more about the Viking glory are not simply their tales and mythology. The Vikings left us things that no other planet could offer us. Viking artifacts do nourish our understanding into the Viking glory that lost. This blog post will present to you 5 unbelievably awesome Viking artifacts.

Oseberg Viking Ship

If we take Viking ships into consideration, the Oseberg ship must be the first to come to mind. The Viking Oseberg ship was among the most best preserved in the world. And more interestingly, no other Viking ship could beat the Oseberg ship in terms of luxury.

Sons of the farmer found the burial on their land when they started digging according to the rumours. It was dedicated to a Viking woman who must have had great power in their times.

Viking ship Oseberg and the subtle decorative patterns
Viking ship Oseberg during the dig
Viking ship burial Viking ship Oseberg
The Oseberg ship excavated from the Oseberg burial site. The luxury of the site is undoubted
Oseberg ship on display in museum. Awesome  Viking artifacts
Oseberg ship on display in museum

Mammen Viking axe

It would have been only a Viking axe without the beautiful patterns on it. It was the Mammen Viking Axe. Mammen axe was one of awesome Viking artifacts that archaeologists found on Mammen grave. This helped the scholars coin the names for Viking Mammen Viking style that dated back to the 10th century.

On one side of the Mammen axe, scholars believed it was the Yggdrasil the Great Tree of Life. The other side of the Mammen axe was the Gullinkambi rooster that rowed at the beginning of Ragnarok.

Mammen axe
Mammen axe

Jelling Stone

Around the late 10th century, King Harald Bluetooth ordered to erect the Jelling Stone in memory of his parents – King Gorm the Old and Queen Thyra. The inscriptions on the Jelling stone told us what King Harald Bluetooth had achieved in his time.

The Jelling Stone by King Harald Bluetooth was the first certificate of Denmark. It also presented that Harald Bluetooth was the first king to convert his people to Christianity.

Harald Bluetooth erected the Jelling stones in memory of his parents.
Jelling stones by Harald Bluetooth son of Garm the Old

Aggerborg Fort

Aggerborg is the name of the largest Viking fortification in Denmark. These days, we call the Viking forts as the Trelleborg.

Aggerborg was in a ring ship with two major roads crossing inside. The roads quartered the fort. The Aggerborg fort was believed to be constructed under the reign of King Harald Bluetooth. It could host up to 48 longhouses inside.

Viking Aggersborg is the largest Viking fort in Denmark
Viking Aggersborg is the largest Viking fort in Denmark

Viking Helgo Buddha

Buddha in Viking Age? It is reasonable because the Vikings were theists meaning they could accept the concept of many deities. In the Helgo treasure, the archaeologists found out a statue of Buddha dating back to the Viking Age. The owner must have been careful to preserve the Buddha Statue. Scholars believed that it was either it was a gift from a special friend from other region or it was a amulet for the owner.

Buddha Statue in Viking Helgo treasure. Viking Buddha was one of awesome Viking artifacts
Buddha Statue in Viking Helgo treasure

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