Vidar Viking God: God of Silence to the Slayer of Fenrir

Image of Slayer of Fenrir in Norse mythology

Vidar Odin’s son was among the supportive characters in the Norse mythology. But anyone who carefully reads the mythology can notice the superpower within this god. He who remained calm and silent the whole story was in range in his father’s death. He who in range for the loss of his beloved father became the slayer of Fenrir the monster.

Vidar: God of Silence and Nothing could interfere his thought

Vidar was the son of Odin and the sibling of gods like Thor, Heimdall, and Baldur. He was among the gods who could survive the destruction of Ragnarok. Little did we know about Vidar God of Silence. Because he didn’t often appear in the main story-line.

According to some accounts, Vidar was the strongest god after Thor. When he entered the new world after Ragnarok, Vidar became the strongest god after Thor’s son Magni who was also his nephew.

His land up in Asgard was the land full of trees, flowers, and bushes. He would spend the majority of his time just sitting inside his garden and no one could make him distract from his thought. Maybe because of this, God Vidar was honored the title God of Silence.

The silence broken, Vidar God in wrath revenged for his father

Ragnarok was the disaster that Gods attempted to prevent. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not escape their fate. As Jormungand the Midgard serpent lifted himself from the ocean, Ragnarok broke the sky. The cosmos became a chaos as the all armies fought for their lives. According to the prophecy, Odin fought his final battle with Wolf Fenrir. But the wolf was so powerful that the Allfather could not escape the sharp jaws of the wolf.

Image of Fenrir and Odin in Ragnarok
Fenrir VS Odin
Image of Slayer of Fenrir Norse mythology
Vidar prepared his weapon to join the fateful battle

Vidar who remained silent the whole story now broke out his cells. Hearing the death of his father, he set out to make his enemy pay the price for that. Blood by blood. He wore a shoe that was for this only moment. The shoe was sturdiest and it must have had the magic within.

Vidar faced his enemy. He jumped so high to reach the head of Fenrir. The foot with the magical shoe stepped in the mouth of Fenrir. Then Vidar used his powerful sword thrusting into the mouth of Fenrir like he was trying to sew the mouth of this monster. He sliced the monster’s mouth and put a full stop to the life of this monstrous creature.

Lesson from Vidar: Don’t ever underestimate the power of silence

The tale of this god revolved mainly around his revenge for his father. We cannot know what he was like. We just know that Vidar was always silent and silence. But after all, it turned out that it was silence that destroyed the destruction. It is the silence that made the most deafening sound.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of silence. And don’t mistake it for ignorance or vulnerability. From the God of Silence to the slayer of Fenrir, it was quick but extraordinary and fateful as well.

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