9 Viking Artifacts that You Can’t Believe Existed

Image of Viking jewelry box

Nealry everything about the Vikings on the Internet or the movies involved the big things like the Viking axe, sword, shields, etc. Less attention were on the personal and daily things. While things like axes or swords gave us the understanding of the Viking battles, the personal and daily items were to give us a look at the traditional ways of life. Blow are some Viking artifacts that you cannot believe they existed.

Bronze Buddha Stature

The Vikings lived much of their life with trading. Trading with other regions meant the Viking could exchange their things into other regions. While trading with people from different regions, the Vikings had to try the food and figured out whether they fit me or not. But nothing ever seems to unite. Just as long as the Vikings still had to chance to trade, he took the chance to learn very much more. There has been found a stature of the Buddha which didn’t belong to the tradition of the Vikings. So the bronze stature of the Buddha was believed to belong to the northern India. This is definitely among the most uncommon Viking artifacts

Image of Viking Buddha statue
Buddha statue in a Viking archaeological site in Sweden

Glass Pearl Necklace

The personal appearance was something very important to the Vikings. They cared a lot about their appearance by wearing colorful clothes and especially the jewelry. The Vikings would reveal a great number of the valuable objects. The glass pearl necklace was among one of them. Archaeologists found them in Gotland, Sweden. Glass wasn’t something available at the time, so the glass pearl necklace might have been imported from another countries.

Image of Viking artifacts Viking necklaces
Viking necklace with glass pearl and beads


Keys were the most common to be found in the Viking archaeological sites, especially in the female graves. The reasons for this was because the keys presented the power of the woman as the owner of the family. Some keys were even created in bronze and sturdy metal that would not rust.

Image of Viking keys found in Viking woman's graves
Viking key usually found in the Viking woman’s graves

Iron Neck Collars

Slave wasn’t something strange to the Vikings. They were very popular and the Vikings traded the slave across the Scandinavia and cross the world. The Vikings would use the neck collars round the neck of the slave to control them.

Image of Viking neck collars Viking artifacts
The Vikings used this neck collar with their slave

Bronze weather vane

Without the help of the weather vane, the Vikings couldn’t have been so successful with their voyages. The weather vane helped them determine the direction of the which helped the Viking voyagers a lot. The weather vane, the Viking compass, and the strong will of the voyagers, the Vikings finally made it across the open sea.

The Viking weather van found in Söderala, Sweden


The funeral of the Scandinavian people was different from that of other regions and belief. While other people from other regions would bury the dead while the Vikings would cerement the dead. The Vikings would keep the remains of the deceased inside the urns. Except for the noble and the wealthy people who could afford themselves a ship burial, many of the Vikings would have their remains stored in a jar.

Image of the Viking urns
Viking cremation urns with some remains inside


As mentioned above, the Vikings life much depended on the trading and the part of trade was currency. People might trade with their coins and hack pieces from their arm bands. Wealth, however, had to be measured. Because the ancient people considered the value of the precious metal through its weight.

Image of Viking scale
Viking scale to measure the metal like gold or silver


To make the clothes, the Vikings had to utilize many tools. Scissors were very useful to cut the fabric and to work with many materials. The scissors in the past didn’t show much different traces from ours today.

Image of Viking scissors
Viking scissors were one of the most important tools for the textile industry

Jewelry boxes

The Vikings loved their house to be clean and tidy. The advent of jewelry boxes to keep their space look less messy was necessary. The jewelry boxes of the Vikings consisted of many styles.

Image of Viking Jewelry Box
Viking Jewelry box

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