Viking Mammen Style

Viking Mammen style

Among six major Viking styles, the Mammen style must be the most famous one. This is due to the well-known and captivating Mammen axe.

From the middle of the 10th century, a new Viking style started to become popular among Viking community. After nearly 80 years was this style replaced by the Ringerike style.

Viking Mammen axe Viking archaeological axe
Viking Mammen axe

The name of this style derived from the Viking axe artifact discovered in Jutland, Denmark. It was inside a burial mound when the archaeologists made their way to the axe. The axe excited archaeologists and Viking enthusiasts to the core because of the luxurious design. It was carved with gold and silver in both sides.

However, it remains a mystery about what is depicted on the Mammen axe. Many scholars claimed that one side of the axe depicted Yggdrasil the Great Tree of Life while the other side of it depicted the rooster Gullinkambi that would wake up the warriors to take part in Ragnarok.

Mammen style followed the former Viking styles like Viking Oseberg style. The major motif of it included great beasts, serpents, birds, and plant. The Mammen style is regarded as the continuation of the Jelling Style but in a more complicated and subtle design.

Similar to Jelling Style, the animal of Mammen had the curled lips. Their heads could also be observed in profile and they had the round and almond-shaped eyes. Spirals were attached to the hip joints.


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