Viking Oseberg Style

Oseberg burial mound Viking ship

Viking Oseberg style is the first Viking art style coming up in the list.

The Viking Oseberg famously came from the Oseberg ship one of the best preserved ship still existing in planet Earth. A group of archaeologists excavated the ship from the Oseberg burial mound on the Oseberg farm, in Vestfold, Norway. Inside the Oseberg burial mound, the archaeologists found out a great number of Viking artfacts buried with two women. It suggested that these Vikings were among the wealthiest in their time to deserve such burial. This was where Viking Oseberg style came from.

The characteristic motif of Viking Oseberg style is the gripping beast. The name of this Viking art style came from the Viking Oseberg ship which is now on display in the Viking Ship Museum. The Oseberg style appeared around the beginning of the 9th century until circa 875.

Viking Oseberg Style
Oseberg headpost remains a mystery

The eyes of animals depicting in Oseberg style were round. The bodies of all animal intertwined with each other. It delivered a feeling of the gripping surroundings. The limbs of the animals were designed so carefully that they became the ornamental elements for this Oseberg artstyle. The Oseberg style is a very clear advancement of the Old Norse tradition in its own right. And of course, without any influences from any regions outside Scandinavia.


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