Viking Quotes for 2020 Inspiration

Viking quotes for 2020 Viking inspiration

Better late or never. Although more than 30 days of 2020 have passed, I still want to kick off this month with some Viking quotes for 2020. These quotes come from books, movies, literal sources, etc. Whatever sources they come from, as long as they give us a Viking vibe in this life, they are worth becoming life guide.

Viking Quotes for 2020

Better to fight and fall 
than to live without hope.
- Volsunga, c.12

Back to the Viking age, there was no definition of psychological studies. In the modern time, psychologically speaking, hope is the belief that circumstances will get better. Finally, hope gives us something to cling on to this life.

Without hope, life will mean nothing at all.

This quote inspires us both to live with even the glimmer of hope and to fight for what we crave for the most in life even we have to pay for it.

Where you recognise evil, 
speak out against it,
and give no truces
to your enemies

- Stanza 127 of Havamal

Honesty is the key to keep things in order and to defend your beloved ones. I admire the quote for the positive vibe it carries within but I don’t really agree with the latter verse saying that we should give no truces for the enemies. In the modern context, mercy should be more preferable.

Stand by your own trial 
and not by what others say.
- Gudmundur Jonsson

Holding your grounds is a way of living. If you pay too much attention to listen to what other people keeping muttering about your life, you yourself put your happiness in the hands of those who don’t live your life.

Only a coward waits to be taken 
like a lamb from the fold
or a fox from a trap.
- Laxdaela Saga, c.40

Be the master of your life. After all, be the steering of your own direction.

Cattle die, kinsmen die; 
the self must also die
one thing which never dies:
the reputation of each dead man

- Stanza 77 of Havamal

After all, what remains in the heart of the living about the deceased ones is how they lived their life and how they treated other people. That’s the “reputation”. Neither gold nor money live on.

 No one is a total fool 
if he knows
when to hold his tongue.
- Grettir’s Saga, c.88

Chances are that people regret saying too much. Mind your words because even walls have ears.

A farm of your own is better, 
even if small.
Everyone’s someone at home.
Though he has two goats
and a coarsely roofed house,
that is better than begging

- Stanza 36 of Havamal

Treasure what you have now. Sometimes, we admire what other people have. And a voice keeping saying in our heads that we are jealous and we should have those things too. But trust me, you should let that kind of admiration to make you move forward instead of destroying what you have to gain what is not supposed to be yours.

A person should not agree today 
to what they’ll regret tomorrow.
- Bandamanna Saga, c.10

Commonly, between the line of do and don’t, a feeling of fear strikes you, then you’d better not do it.

 Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from. 
- Bandamanna Saga, c.10

This quote always reminds me of Odin the Allfather. Anyone who admire Odin, this quote can be your motto.

Above all, never say no to listen to new knowledge.

Because it will broaden your horizon in a way that you cannot imagine.

Better to die with honor than live with shame. 
- The Saga of the Jomsvikings, c.23.

To end this blog Viking Quotes for 2020, this quote from the Jomsvikings encourages us to live with a Viking spirit. And even something bad comes at our threshold, we shall welcome it as the way the Vikings welcomed death.

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