Viking Twin Boat Burial in Norway

The man burial found in Norway

It seems like 2019 is a year full of excitement for the Viking enthusiasts. Because another good news of late 2019 is that the archaeologists have found another Viking boat burial. This is a Viking twin boat burial that dazzled the Vikings to the core.

As the name indicated, what made this Viking burial special was that it was a Viking twin boat burial. After the first boat was buried for 100 years, then came the second one. Many grave goods were also excavated.

Under the law of Norway, the archaeologists have to make sure that any construction project will not damage heritage and artifacts. So it was a road improvement project in VinjeĆøra in central Norway. The archaeologists were examining that site belonging to a Viking Age farm and they found out the burial.

Viking Twin Boat Burial
Viking Twin Boat

Viking Twin Boat Burial

With the first boat burial, nearly all parts of the wood rotted away. But the rivets were still in the original position helping the archaeologists to imagine the size and the direction of the ship. And it was also the rivets that helped the archaeologists to conclude that a smaller vessel was carefully put on top of a larger ship.

Researching on Viking site
The researchers studying the site

The smaller boat of the two boats was the resting place for a woman of importance. The woman probably died in the 9th century. With the grave goods inside, the archaeologists believed she had an important social role.

She wore a dress fastened with bronze-plated buckle and a cross-shaped buckled made in Ireland. This Ireland thing might become her own possession after Viking raid in Ireland.

Viking Twin Boat Burial found in Norway
The Ireland cross-like brooch found

The other boat burial belonged to a man. This boat was buried one century before the woman’s one. The man rested with a sword, spear, and a shield. With the grave goods inside, the archaeologists believed that man was a warrior in his time.

It appeared to be that the relatives of the dead woman buried her exactly above the burial mound of a man who had died 100 years before her. This made the burial unique. By far, there has been no confirmation about the relation of them both.

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