Viking Warrior Quotes: May These Help You Out of Hard Times

The Vikings have always been a great source of inspiration. They have become characters on silver screen, into the fantasy books, etc. But in return, they inspire us a lot. Long gone the Viking community, at least physically gone, their legacy stays with us. In this blog post, we are to discover some Viking warrior quotes. I know these might be tough times for all of us. But we all need keep up and pull ourselves out of these ups and downs. May these Viking warrior quotes help you.

“No man can walk through life without things happening to him”

Even bad things came to Asgard. Even Odin once found himself in troubles. No one could live their life without encountering hard times in life. Either we fight to overcome it or we fail and get our life destroyed. As the Viking-warrior-spirit individual, I prefer the former.

Viking Warrior Quotes

“The world is changing and we must change with it”

This time is tough but we are tougher, much tougher. To keep up, we have to keep moving. The world never revolves around us. We have to revolve around it. The world will not change because of any single individual. Rather, the world will change us.

The world is changing and we must change with it
“The world is changing and we must change with it”

“Better to fight and fall than to live without hopes”

The Vikings believed when they died a warrior death, they could join Valhalla and feast with Odin. That’s why they fight and even if they fall, they never regret. This attitude remains a golden treasure in modern times. To live without hope is to exist only. That way of living is, not to say, nonsense, but it is quite boring a life. We only live once, why don’t just fight and fall and get up? Being wrapped in the comfort zone will not help you feel secure about life. It will make you pay much more for not going out and learning from people out there.

“Speak useful words or be silent”

Unless you will definitely not regret what you are going to say, never say it out. Blurting out something useless but hurtful can destroy not merely a relationship but break the heart of the listener as well. There is always an incredible power of a spoken word. It might be heard once but the pain of a rebuke or an insult might last a lifetime. We can never retract hurtful words; so, get ready for what you are going to say.

The Vikings might wield their axe to smash the enemies’ skulls. But they would think carefully before saying something to their beloved ones.

Viking Warrior Quotes

“Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up”

Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Warrior Quote

Power corrupts the best and attracts the worst. But only those who can prove themselves worth it worth it.

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