Viking Wolf Symbol

Image of Viking Wolf Symbol

Of all the animals, wolves have been suffering the most controversies. Most of the times, the illustration of wolves is often the villain. However, there are times that wolves prove to be helpful. In Norse mythology, Viking wolf symbol presented both the negative and positive sides. The most famous wolf in Norse mythology and Viking belief was Fenrir the God of Destruction.

Fenrir – Viking Wolf Symbol

Fenrir was the most notorious wolf in Norse mythology because of its direct connection to Ragnarok the Twilight of Gods. He was the son of Loki the Norse trickster. The crimes of Fenrir in Norse myth were countless. His appearance signaled the terrible danger that Norse pantheon should stay alert. Why? Because Fenrir was the one that would swallow Odin the Allfather in the dark days of Ragnarok. He even bit and swallowed the hand of god Tyr when Aesir gods tried to tie him down. That is to say, Fenrir was nothing less than a supervillain in Norse mythology.

Image of Fenrir Norse wolf Viking wolf symbol
Fenrir binding

Fenrir Qualities

However, we have the different outlook about Fenrir and his character in the tales. There must be things that made him become the Viking wolf symbol. Fenrir embodied many qualities that we nowadays should observe and learn. His valuable qualities were the wild strength, independence, loyalty, family orientation, and a burning desire of freeing himself.

The fact that he killed Odin the Aesir chief god in Ragnarok was a powerful evidence for his wild and extraordinary strength. He alone encountered his sworn enemies (gods) every day when they raised him in Asgard. He himself suffered the terrible and lonely binding until the day he broke himself free in Ragnarok. Yes, Fenrir depended on no one. Furthermore, he was deeply attached to his family even though they had parted soon after Fenrir was born. Many people assumed that what Fenrir did in Ragnarok was for his family, making the gods pay for what they had done to Fenrir’s family. The inside of Fenrir always desired to be free, getting rid of the gods and leading the life he wanted. Obviously, no one could deny the disaster that Fenrir brought to the cosmos. Also, his good qualities should not be underestimated.

These days, people often pay attention to the bright side of Fenrir though. He is not totally a villain but a complicated character though. Fenrir is the best Viking wolf symbol for he both presents the warrior spirit and the golden qualities we should learn.

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