Viking to Valhalla: A Warrior Who Always Wins the Fight

Viking warrior Viking to Valhalla

All the Viking warriors went to Valhalla to feast and to chant along the great hall of Odin the Allfather. But the very first requirement to join Valhalla is to die a warrior death. But what if a warrior always won the fight? Then how could a Viking to Valhalla? The story below is about an old Viking warrior who desired a warrior death in combat.

I cannot recall what source mentioning this story but it is a part of Viking saga. The story went back to the Viking age where all the Viking warriors would hold on to worship Odin, Thor, or Freyr when they went into combat.

Something really birthed inside every Viking warrior about their gods. They deeply believed in the blessings of gods and they did believe in the scenarios of afterlife as well.

Our old Viking warrior was about to reach his “retirement age”. He was sad and nervous for fear that he could not make it to the Valhalla in time. Odin would never accept anyone dying on bed. Because all the warriors who chanted along the Valhalla had to die in battle.

From Viking to Valhalla
From Viking to Valhalla

The old man wished to see his brothers in Valhalla. But what disabled him to do so was his excellent skills in battle. This man never seemed to lose a fight. That’s what kept him alive nearly until his “retirement age”.

Ever thought of never coming to Valhalla with his fallen brothers just scared the old man off. But he had to go to the warrior path if he wanted Valhalla that bad. And did he join the last combat of his life.

Although he was good at wielding axe and defending himself, Odin saw his desire to come to Valhalla. The old man fell in his final combat but he did win a seat in Valhalla. In his afterlife of Valhalla, he must be chanting and singing along the hall with his fallen brothers, raising a drinking horn full of mead, and fighting one another until the break of dawn. That’s the life that every Viking warrior wanted to enjoy.

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