Who Are Gods of Water in Norse Mythology?

Gods of Water

When mentioning gods of water in Norse mythology, many might think of only Ran and Aegir. The truth is, there were more than Ran and Aegir who embodied the power of ocean and water. Besides gods of fire, there were gods of water and ocean.

Aegir and Ran: Ocean Couple

Aegir and Ran were a giant couple in Norse mythology. They were one of the most powerful figures in the belief of the Vikings that the couple ruled over the ocean. 

Aegir (“EYE-gir”) and Ran (“Ran”) appeared many many times in Norse mythology. However, not many sources of the couple survived the test of time. Therefore, things about the couple that we can find in modern times were quite a few. Some scholars put forward theories that whether the sources we have now are the original sources because they believe some Christian traits have been added. 

Aegir and Ran were, respectively, husband and wife. Their house was a great hall beneath the ocean. They had nine beautiful daughters whom we know as the Nine Sea Maidens. 

Although Aegir and Ran always appeared together, their personal characteristics had nothing in common. Aegir “Ocean” was nice and kind and he often threw many parties for gods and his friends. Aegir was accordingly famous for his friendliness. He had a magic cauldron from which he could brew the best mead to serve his guests. 

Aegir, nine maidens, and his magic cauldron. Norse gods of water

Nine Daughters of Aegir 

Nine Daughters were the wives of Odin the Allfather. They presented the waves of the ocean. One day, as Odin was walking along the beach, he came across nine beautiful giantesses who were falling asleep. Impressed by the beauty of the giantesses, Odin decided to marry all of them on the spot. This quick and somewhat awkward love affair gave birth to the Asgard watchman Heimdall. 

Nine Daughters of Aegir
Nine maidens as the gods of water

The Nine maidens raised Heimdall up with all of the love they had. They took care of Heimdall as a mother and as a father also.


Mimir was not actually a god, but rather a mysterious creature. He was the guardian of the Mimir’s Well. The water from the Well of Mimir would give the drinker the wisdom to answer any question. Odin the Allfather once traded his eye with Mimir to be allowed to drink the holy water from the well. 

Odin and the head of Mimir the consultant of Odin the Allfather in NOrse mythology


Njord was actually the Vanir chief god whose children were god Freyr and goddess Freya. Njord was the sea god, especially of seafaring. Njord once married Skadi the giantess of winter, skiing, and mountains. But this marriage fell apart as the two could not bear with the things that their partner embodied. 

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