Wolf Fenrir: Villain or Abuse Victim?

Image of Giant Wolf Fenrir

Wolf Fenrir was one of the most important and awesome figures in Norse mythology. This is not only because he was the son of Loki the Norse trickster but also because his destiny was deeply intertwined with the fate of the gods. Fenrir was the one who put a full stop to the Norse Pantheon. Back to the Viking Age, Fenrir was definitely a villain as the Viking supreme god was Odin the Allfather who was swallowed by Fenrir. However, things change in modern times. Debates revolve around characters like Loki and Fenrir. Whether Fenrir was a villain or an abuse victim?

Actually, this question is hard to answer and I think no answer can satisfy us all. Personally I think Fenrir was both a villain and an abuse victim. Yet, when we finish everything in Norse Mythology, all characters were the victims of fate. Their destiny was wrapped in a ball of wool created by the Norns the Norse Fate Creators.

Background of Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir was the son of Loki and Angrboda the Giantess that Brought Anguish to the people around her. Fenrir had two siblings who were Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent and Hell the Queen of the Underworld. This trio later triggered off Ragnarok with their father Loki the Trickster. Fenrir was not a god like some modern source might call him. The original version of his was a giant – a pure giant from Jotunheim.

What made gods focus on Fenrir was the prophecy stating that Fenrir would swallow Odin in Ragnarok. Odin was like the head of Asgard and the leader of Valhalla. If Odin was no more, who would inherit his throne and even the prophecy stated the Only Prince of Asgard would be assassinated. This made the gods try their best to prevent the prophecy. Everything that happened in the future was the result of something happening in the past.

Image of Loki

Journey to Asgard

Then Fenrir who Norse gods regarded as the ringleader of Ragnarok came to Asgard. He lived in Asgard along with the gods. But of course, he had neither feastings nor chanting along the Valhalla hall. The gods trapped Fenrir inside a corner in Asgard and no one dared to approach him. The only one that could befriend Fenrir was Tyr God of Justice. Maybe deep inside Tyr felt ashamed for the deeds of his clan. He fed Fenrir and approached him. But the little pup Fenrir at that time might not feel any friendship between him and Tyr. Because later, it was Fenrir who bit Tyr’s hand. This event made Tyr become the one-handed god which also became a symbol of justice.

Actually this part quite pissed me off. Because the gods brought the pup up to Asgard only to mistreat him. This was quite unfair, not only for Fenrir but also for his parents. This is not to mention the gods separated the trio kids of Loki. When Fenrir came to Asgard, Jormungandr was cast into the deep ocean, and Hel had to come to Helheim the Underworld for the Death. At this point, they did nothing harmful to the world. They were just kids. Yet, to prevent what might come in the future, the gods took actions in advance. This accidentally led to the final results in Ragnarok. The fate intertwined.

Image of Tyr Viking Gods of War
Tyr and Fenrir

Hatred Piled Up

Hatred between the gods and the giants began from the Creation of the Cosmos when Odin and his brothers slew Ymir the premieval giant and used his corpse to fashion the world. Yet, hatred between two tribe might climb to climax until the times of Odin and Loki.

Loki with his cunning minds could finally join the gods in Asgard. Although he lived along the gods, he was never treated like a god. Maybe because of this, Loki started to envy the gods, especially Odin. All of the things/kids Odin had were the best of all. Thor Odinson was the most powerful god. Baldur Odinson was the most handsome god. Meanwhile, Loki’s sons were wolves, serpent, and horse. Maybe because of this, Loki started to cause trouble to gain recognition. Until a day when his trouble caused the death of Baldur Odinson, the gods decided to punish him by making him witness the death of his own sons (other wolf sons, not Fenrir). Hatred piled up.

This might become one of the reasons for Ragnarok. When the little Fenrir heard the sounds of his father and giant brothers, he broke the chain and joined the giant army.

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